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Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was born in Austria. He found his life’s work in the realms of consciousness and cognition. His techniques for the development of clear critical thinking, the cultivation of daily meditation and concentration practices and awareness of nature’s cycles, can lead individuals to reach spiritual levels of consciousness safely. He believed working along with […]

Who Was Rudolf Steiner?

Rudolf (Rudolf Joseph Laurence) Steiner, who was of German-Austrian origin, was born on 25 February, 1861 (usually, biographies give the date of his baptism, two days later, as his birth date). His place of birth was a tiny village, Kraljevec, then within the borders of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Today, it is part of Croatia.

The Truth About Rudolf Steiner

Honoring One of the Most Spiritually Gifted and Accomplished Figures of the 20th Century by Ralph White: Exactly one hundred years ago, something spiritually remarkable was happening in Central Europe. A figure had emerged with the most profound insight into the deepest mysteries of the human experience: death, reincarnation, the existence of higher worlds and […]

Lesser Hippias

It seems impossible to separate by any exact line the genuine writings of Plato from the spurious. The only external evidence to them which is of much value is that of Aristotle; for the Alexandrian catalogues of a century later include manifest forgeries.


by Plato, Translated by Benjamin Jowett: In several of the dialogues of Plato, doubts have arisen among his interpreters as to which of the various subjects discussed in them is the main thesis.


by Plato, Translated by Benjamin Jowett: The Critias is a fragment which breaks off in the middle of a sentence. It was designed to be the second part of a trilogy, which, like the other great Platonic trilogy of the Sophist, Statesman, Philosopher, was never completed.