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New methods and new aims in teaching

5/20/64 by B.F. Skinner: Improving education seldom takes  the form of  improving teaching.  It is no doubt important  to find better teachers, build more and  better schools, teach less of  what is  not needed, bring  what must be  taught up  to date, and reach more students through various forms of mass media. 

The Origins of Cognitive Thought

by B.F. Skinner: What is felt when one has a feeling is a condition of one’s body, and the word used to describe it almost always comes from the word for the cause of the condition felt. The evidence is to be found in the history of the language-in the etymology of the words that […]

Superstition in the Pigeon

First published in Journal of Experimental Psychology, 38, 168-172. by B.F. Skinner: To say that a reinforcement is contingent upon a response may mean nothing more than that it follows the response. It may follow because of some mechanical connection or because of the mediation of another organism; but conditioning takes place presumably because of the temporal […]