Influential Past Teachers

The Morality of Boycott

by Sri Aurobindo: Ages ago there was a priest of Baal who thought himself commissioned by the god to kill all who did not bow the knee to him. All men, terrified by the power and ferocity of the priest, bowed down before the idol and pretended to be his servants; and the few who […]

Yoga and Hypnotism

by Sri Aurobindo: When the mind is entirely passive, then the force of Nature which works in the whole of animate and inanimate creation, has free play; for it is in reality this force which works in man as well as in the sun and star.

The Present Situation

(A speech delivered in Bombay on 19 January 1907 at the invitation of the Bombay National Union) by Sri Aurobindo: My fellow countrymen, Mr. Ranade has said that there is no President here, but that God Himself is our President. I accept that remark in the most reverent spirit, and before addressing you, I ask […]

The Yoga and Its Objects

by Sri Aurobindo: The yoga we practise is not for ourselves alone, but for the Divine; its aim is to work out the will of the Divine in the world, to effect a spiritual transformation and to bring down a divine nature and a divine life into the mental, vital and physical nature and life […]

Aryan Ideal and the Three Gunas

by Sri Aurobindo: In the essay entitled “Prison and Freedom” I have, by describing the psychology of some innocent prisoners, tried to establish that, owing to the Aryan discipline, the priceless ancestral legacy of inner freedom which Indians have, is not destroyed even in prison – indeed something of the godly disposition, garnered through thousands of […]

The National Value of Art

by Sri Aurobindo: There is a tendency in modern times to depreciate the value of the beautiful and overstress the value of the useful, a tendency curbed in Europe by the imperious insistence of an agelong tradition of culture and generous training of the aesthetic perceptions.

The Ideal of the Karmayogin

(Published on 19 June 1909 in the first issue of Karmayogin, a weekly newspaper edited by Sri Aurobindo) by Sri Aurobindo: A nation is building in India today before the eyes of the world so swiftly, so palpably that all can watch the process and those who have sympathy and intuition distinguish the forces at work, […]