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The New Optimism Of Al Gore

May 18th, 2022|

by Josh Schwartz:  Al Gore wants to make a point about cellphones, and he has a helpful set of slides on his laptop… […]

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Rivian Wins $1.5 Billion Incentive Package For Georgia Plant

May 16th, 2022|

Electric-pickup maker Rivian Automotive Inc. will receive $1.5 billion in state and local incentives to build a massive plant near Atlanta, bolstering the company’s production efforts despite local resistance to the project… […]

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Colorado Encourages Residents To Drive Electric

May 9th, 2022|

by Elizabeth Elkins: Drive Electric Colorado is a new initiative designed to educate residents about the positive reasons to make the switch to driving an electric vehicle (EV)… […]

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NASA’s Rollout Of Mega Moon Rocket Inches Closer

March 15th, 2022|

Yesterday, engineers and technicians at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida drove Crawler Transporter-2, which will carry NASA’s Moon rocket to the launch pad,  […]

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Ford To Separate EV And Legacy Auto Business Units

March 13th, 2022|

by John Engel: In yet another sign of the changing auto industry, and the growing penetration of electric vehicles, Ford said it will split its EV and internal combustion divisions into two distinct units within [...]

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Airbus Will Test Hydrogen Combustion Technology On The A380 Jet

March 10th, 2022|

by Amit Malewar: Airbus has partnered with CFM International, a joint company of GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, to collaborate on a hydrogen demonstration program that will take flight around the middle of this decade… [...]

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5 Discoveries The Webb Telescope Will Make – Peter Diamandis

February 14th, 2022|

by Peter Diamandis: Our Galaxy, the Milky Way, has over 100 thousand million stars. And based on data from NASA’s New Horizons space probe, we now estimate that our Universe contains roughly 200 billion galaxies… […]