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Disrupted Pt-2

September 14th, 2020|

by Peter Diamandis: We live in an age of disruption – Industries will be transformed… […]

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2022 Nicola Badger

September 8th, 2020|

by (Car and Driver): The intriguing influx of electric pickup trucks gets even more interesting with the 2022 Nikola Badger, which will offer electric and hydrogen-electric powertrains… […]

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The Conscience Of Silicon Valley

August 31st, 2020|

by Zach Baron: Tech oracle Jaron Lanier warned us all about the evils of social media. Too few of us listened. Now, in the most chaotic of moments, his fears—and his bighearted solutions—are more urgent [...]

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Five Ways to Change Someone Else’s Mind

July 20th, 2020|

by Deepak Chopra: There are times when you want other people to act or think a certain way – namely, the way you think and act… […]

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Three Huge Ways Tech Is Overhauling Healthcare

July 14th, 2020|

by Peter H. Diamandis: We are on the brink of a revolution in healthcare. AI is making the drug discovery process >100X faster and cheaper, and 90 percent more likely to succeed in clinical trials… […]

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These Plant-Based Steaks Come Out Of A 3D Printer

July 8th, 2020|

by Adele Peters: Plant-based burgers are one thing, but a fake steak that can convince meat eaters is a much harder accomplishment. Redefine Meat thinks it’s figured it out… […]

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The Largest Electric Plane Ever To Fly

July 2nd, 2020|

by Chris Baraniuk: As electric planes pass another milestone, Future Planet asks how long will it be before they are ready for everyday aviation? And just how far can they go? […]

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Spinning Reserve Displacement

June 25th, 2020|

by Sriram Emani: Using batteries for a more efficient and cleaner way to back up power… […]