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  • David-Deida-AWAKEN

A Seminar of Sexual Yoga – Sexuality as Art

January 20th, 2023|

In this clip, David Deida polls the audience on their sexual realizations, then sends them into hysterics as he pantomimes a handful of hilariously imbalanced sexual personas. […]

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Our Planet, Ourselves

January 9th, 2023|

by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait: Long before we learned how to alter the natural world with dams, freeways, and skyscrapers… […]

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Are You Nature Deficient?

January 2nd, 2023|

by Hannah Aylward: How much time do you spend outside on a daily basis? […]

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Control of The Mind – Yogi Bhajan

December 31st, 2022|

Yogi Bhajan lecture on the topic of the mind, Sikhi, religion, discipline and other topics from Summer Solstice in 1987. […]

  • Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba-awaken

Neem Karoli Baba (Maharajji)

December 25th, 2022|

Though he never set foot in America, his spiritual influence manifested in the work of many American devotees, including Ram Dass. By Phil Catalfo: Neem Karoli Baba (circa 1900-1973) never set foot in America. But he [...]

  • Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba-awaken

Neem Karoli Baba – The Saint called nobody

December 25th, 2022|

by Life Positive: “He appeared and disappeared for years, being known by different names in various parts of India. His western devotees knew him as Neem Karoli Baba,  […]

  • Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba-awaken

Neem Karoli Baba

December 25th, 2022|

by Dada Mukerjee: Babaji’s miracles were well-known. Swami Vijayananda, an eminent sadhu writing about Babaji, said that Neem Karoli Baba’s very name radiated an aura of mystery and miracles. […]

  • Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba-awaken

Maharaji on Contentment

December 25th, 2022|

Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba would sometimes wax eloquent while talking about contentment in life: “The real contentment comes only when there is no desire, no hankering in your mind for anything.  […]

  • Daya Mata-awaken

What is God-Part 2 – Daya Mata

December 23rd, 2022|

by Daya Mata: Our next question is, What is Truth? First of all, let us examine what religion is, and what is the path that leads to God.  […]

  • awaken-Kriya For Self-Reliance

Kriya For Self-Reliance

December 23rd, 2022|

Radiance is blocked by fears. Fear comes with dependence… […]

  • Paramahansa-Yogananda-&-Daya-Nata-awaken

What is God? – Daya Mata

December 22nd, 2022|

by Daya Mata: Many questions arise in the minds of those who think about God: What is God? What is the soul? What is Truth?  […]

  • Paramahansa-Yogananda-Awaken

Benefits Of Kriya Yoga

December 18th, 2022|

From the talks and writings of Paramahansa Yogananda: […]

  • Oxytocin-awaken

Oxytocin: The Love Hormone

December 11th, 2022|

by Stephanie Watson: Oxytocin can help us bond with loved ones and can be released through touch, music and exercise. […]

  • Francisco-Kaiut-Yoga-Studio awaken

Yoga for People Who Hate Yoga

December 3rd, 2022|

by Kiri Westby:  Doing yoga with Francisco Kaiut is doing yoga from the inside out. In fact, to say the word “doing” is already too active, too aggressive, as it’s more of an un-doing. […]