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Basic Breath Series

August 23rd, 2022|

This set gives you a quick lift in energy, increased clarity, and a sense of balance… […]

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Reaching Beyond The Mat

August 19th, 2022|

by Chip Richards: We need to take those very qualities that we’re learning in the yoga room, and begin to truly apply them in our families, in our local community, and into our global family [...]

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Om Mani Padme Hum: The Meaning Behind the Popular Mantra

August 16th, 2022|

by Meredith DeCosta: This special yogic chant is Sanskrit, and it’s pronounced OHM-MAH-NEE-PAHD-MAY-HUM. It’s comprised of four words, and those four melodic words are all the words on many of those colorful Tibetan prayer flags… [...]

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Why Are We Nicer After Yoga

August 5th, 2022|

by Susan Mann: As a little girl, when there was tension in the home, Tina Stromsted would slip out the house into the field next door, and dance… […]

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Class Action: Sweat And Samadhi At Ishta Yoga

July 26th, 2022|

by Lisa Elaine Held: You should probably just go tell your boss now that you’re going to have to leave early for a “doctor’s appointment”—like every Friday afternoon from now on… […]

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Is “Indifference” Yoga?

July 10th, 2022|

by Sri Swami Satchidananda: In Yoga, we often use the term “vairagya…” […]

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Benefits of Yoga

July 5th, 2022|

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The benefits of yoga are multi-fold. The first is that it improves your health… […]

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Yin Yoga for Fear, Anxiety, and Confusion

June 28th, 2022|

by Keri Mangis: Use yin yoga to target the channels of energy that fear, anxiety, and confusion flow through. Then release these emotions… […]

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The Effects Of Yoga Nidra On The Brain

June 21st, 2022|

by Elena Mironov: Yoga nidra affects the brain by shifting brain waves into a beneficial state of regeneration and repair… […]

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The Yoga of Food

June 18th, 2022|

by Nayaswami Diksha: How can you cut through the confusion and answer the simple question: What should I eat? […]

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Ramana Maharshi Meditation

June 7th, 2022|

The quotes are from Ramana Maharshi teachings taken from the book Day by Day with Bhagavan by Devararaja Mudaliar, 1946. […]

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Sufi Order

June 6th, 2022|

A small collection of video clips from the life of the late Sufi Master, Pir Vilayat Inayat-Khan. […]

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A Musical Tribute to Pir Vilayat

June 6th, 2022|

These photos were taken thirteen years back by the musician Miya Shamsuddin Faridi Desai and his son who were invited to perform at Uras Dargha Sufi Inayat Khan by Pir Vilaya Khan. […]

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3 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2022

June 3rd, 2022|

by Samantha Maracic: Over the past two years, members of both the fitness world and the yoga community were asked to pivot the way they traditionally functioned… […]

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Invocation to Lord Patanjali

May 31st, 2022|

Patanjali was the author of the original “Yoga Sutras” over 2 thousand years ago. Patanjali defines Yoga as “stilling the movements in the mind”, which leads to one’s true self. […]

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Patanjali Yoga in Rishikesh

May 31st, 2022|

Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (PIYFT) was establish in Haridwar by Dr Jitendra Das and has its branch in Rishikesh, Uttrakhanda, India.  […]

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Waking Up The World

May 30th, 2022|

In an interview, Osho responds to the question: I’ve heard you say, that you tell a few jokes to wake up the world. When did the world go to sleep? And is it waking up? [...]