by Dr. Nikki Star: The other morning my tai chi instructor showed us a pose called Change is Difficult and I immediately said, “Well that’s a limiting belief.” Because to me it is….

Who Says Change Needs To Be Difficult


To me, change is exciting, exhilarating, an opportunity for more greatness and for surprises beyond our wildest dreams.

I love change. I feel it gives me the opportunity to live even more of life.

Everything you desire is already here for you. Simply open to receive. Changing your life can happen in an instant.

Life changes are not some grand things that need to happen. It is as simple as changing your mind, thoughts, actions, behavior, choice.

Poof. Just do it.

And one of those vital actions, choices and beliefs is to receive. Life is happening for you. There is more available to you and wanting to make its way to you than you may be allowing.

Open. To. Receive.

You entire life will change and all of your desires will be fulfilled when you do this one simple thing. And yet sometimes I know it’s not always so simple.

One easy way to start that I often suggest to my clients is to begin simple. Notice the little things you receive and how you are receiving in every moment.

You receive nutrients from food. You receive oxygen from air. You receive a hug, a smile, etc.

Receive my loves! The world is here for you! Savor this moment. As if it is the last. Because in a few days, a few months everything will be different.

We are evolving and transforming at such a rapid rate. And with that everything becomes even more transient.

Really love the people you love now because this too can change. Really cherish where you live now because that too can change. Admire and notice what your day is like because that too will change.

Though massive change has happened already in my life this year. I feel even more change is coming over this next year. And how beautiful it all is.

I wish you well on your journey and I wish you so much change because change is a sign of growth of evolution and transformation.

Source: Dr Nikki Star