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Berries: A Top Anti-Diabetes Food

November 21st, 2020|

by (GreenMedInfo): Berries aren’t called superfoods for nothing. A review covering 336 scientific articles on these fruits has shown that berry consumption can go a long way in preventing and managing Type 2 diabetes and [...]

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All About Raw Foods + 7 Raw Food Recipes & No-Cook Meals

November 18th, 2020|

by Ocean Robbins: One Wednesday afternoon, about two million years ago, Ug accidentally dropped a wild carrot into the campfire, retrieved a softer, sweeter root, and proclaimed the virtues of cooking to all who would [...]

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7 Essential Habits For Peace

November 14th, 2020|

by Deepak Chopra: “It’s only when you make the process your goal that the big dream can follow.” – Oprah […]

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What Causes Physical Pain – Kim Eng

November 12th, 2020|

by Kim Eng: Kim discusses physical pain as unprocessed emotion or trauma stored in the body that is energetically fed by retelling our “inner stories” about our experience… […]

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The Benefits Of Tongue Scraping

November 9th, 2020|

by Dr. Sheila Patel, M.D: The ancient Ayurvedic recommendation of tongue scraping is one that is often overlooked… […]

Taking Early Cancer Detection to the Next Level

November 8th, 2020|

by Joshua J. Ofman, Azra Raza: Early cancer detection can save lives, yet, cancer is predicted to become the world’s number one killer because we are still diagnosing most cancers too late. […]

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Soy Facts: Is Soy Healthy Or Harmful?

November 6th, 2020|

by Ocean Robbins: Starting in the mid-1930s, the Ford Motor Company used a bushel of soybeans in every car it made… […]