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Awaken is an exciting new web portal whose mission is to Awaken The World Through Enlightened Media by engaging it’s audience with positive, uplifting and useful information related to living an informed, inspired and healthy life. Awaken’s emphasis is sharing the wisdom of the ages through teachers, philosophers, motivational speakers, authors and spiritual leaders. To this end, Awaken is a blend of east and west, science and spirituality, the inner search for meaning and its practical application in daily life.

What Does An Awakened Life Look Like

Here at Awaken, we delight in sharing what we feel to be the most pioneering information available on all topics related to planetary and personal well-being and spiritual growth. Our featured teachers are living treasures, whose guidance will help to transform challenges into opportunities and hurdles into possibilities. Our mission is to inspire your every step, so that your walk along the path of awakening feels a little lighter.

How Does Awareness Engender The Process Of Awakening?

Awareness engenders a shift from being one to whom things happen, to being one who consciously participates in and even chooses one’s experiences. Through the mere act of consciously witnessing our experiences, rather than being a blind participant, we awaken our power as a creative source. This means that we share in the creation of our own happiness, inner peace, and well-being, whatever that means to each one of us, without depending on other people or situations to bring us fulfillment. This realization liberates us from our dependency on external conditions and brings incredible strength of spirit. And so it is, that awakening begins with this quiet quality of observation, sometimes called contemplation…sometimes called mindfulness. Whatever we call it, it is a sacred ability to step into the guise of the watcher. This is awakening.

The Outermost Layer: Nature

When we bring this reflective quality to the outermost layer of who we are, we encounter the aspect of reality that lies outside the walls of our physical body—the trees, the ocean, the soil, all the creatures that till the soil, and the air itself—all of which extends outward with no limit. What we discover, in our contemplations, is that all of which lies outside the walls of our physical vessel is just as vital to our well-being as that which lies within the walls of our physical body, such as our own heart and lungs…for our very breath is supplied by their existence. Thus we come to see, at the deepest level of our being, that we really are one. We are endless and infinite. This way of seeing is what Thich Nhat Hanh calls deeply looking, and inspires us to take care of our selves, which is to take care of everything that sustains us. To appreciate this is awakening.

Beginning to Journey Inward: Community

Our deepening awareness then begins to reveal our relationships within our own community of people, from family to the workplace, as well as our kinship with the other creatures that share this earth with us. Coming into this deeper state of realization, we are able to see that all of us play unique roles and are here for our own reasons—that is the meaning of “I am what I am and they are what they are.” It lends itself to an easier coexistence among us all and a greater willingness to look upon other people’s choices without judgment and to respect the distinct purpose of all beings. To cultivate this sense of compassion is awakening.

Deepening Layers of Awareness: Our Health

Continuing our journey inward, we encounter the vehicle we walk in—our own bodies. Recalling our metaphor of the flower for a moment, it is like venturing into the deeper layers of the petals that are still yet to bloom. In this portion of our journey, we come face to face with the choices we make everyday with regard to our own wellness and healing. We begin to see that every choice is, in effect, a gesture of taking our inner power back…going beyond “physical” causes and instead, exploring subtler causes—that which cannot be seen, but is rather felt. These signals are whispers from the soul telling us when something is wrong. It’s a kind of healthy skepticism—questioning the eating rules we all grew up with, as well as the traditional western models of medical treatment, and instead, learning what works for our own unique bodies. Tuning into those subtle messages, and trusting them, is not only conscious living, but also personal empowerment. It is awakening.

Deepening The Journey: The Mind

Going subtler still, we bring this sense of empowerment to the embedded layers of the mind, where we discover our capacity to liberate ourselves from what once seemed indelibly etched into our way of being—our own habitual thought patterns and the pull of our senses. Calming and focusing the mind with meditative practices, from Tai Chi and Yoga, to the various forms of seated meditation, we begin to cultivate a new relationship with the mind’s wily activities, in which, paradoxically, we begin to gain position as controller, just as we begin to let go of control. To this effect, consider the sports coach, who evokes command of the team, just by watching. This kind of mastery is awakening.

Coming Home to Spirit

The key to the spiritual journey is not found in things acquired outside of ourselves. Rather, it is discovered through the process of letting go…letting go of false authority, unnecessary attachments, and all the myriad fears and doubts which only serve to beguile us into the illusion of control and which serve only to distract us from the only truth that could ever set us free…that what we seek is already within us. And the entirety of life’s journey is but a vehicle for coming home to this sanctuary within, whether we call it the Atman, as the Hindus do, the still small voice within, like the Quakers, or simply, becoming conscious. Although unseen, it is the most significant part of who we are. Coming home to the heaven that lies within, is a coming into personal power…power to create, to manifest, to know, to be, to live our destiny freely, and in the company of those who support that journey. In this space of expanded awareness, we awaken to find ourselves in sweet harmony with all that is. This is awakening.

Here at Awaken, we are committed to bringing you wisdom of the highest quality and encouragement that supports you on your unique path, as well as teachers who are peerless in their own self-mastery.

The Subtler Realms: Energy

Exploring the subtlest realms of the unseen, we become sensitive enough to experience the energetic fields within and without. Calling to mind our metaphor, here we encounter the deepest parts of the flower. This is the part of our journey in which we become finely attuned to fluctuations in our vitality, for example, when we are giving away our energy to that which pulls us down, or isn’t in line with our purpose. We become courageous enough and so full of self-respect and love that we begin to acknowledge how our company and environment is impacting us, energetically. Does it leave us feeling drained or inspired and energized? When we become more aware of those feelings, we feel how it manifests in our physical and mental bodies, in our posture, in our facial tension, in our gut, in the way our heart is beating, the way we’re breathing, in our ability to be present and at ease. Coming into energetic wholeness and integrity is awakening.

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