by Manmohan Singh: This blog describes how Yoga plays an important role in calming down the mind of an artist…


Innovation and creativity are two indispensable aspects of an artist’s brain. These two distinctions mark the delight of an artist. The beauty of a creative work is the product of the highest quality of innovation that a begetter possesses. While producing a piece, the entire concentration of a writer is on holding the eyes of readers on each and every word. Such is the attention level of writers and artists of the finest stature that they care nothing about the external world and physical malaise, while their goal is fixed – to touch the epitome of creativity. With so much of mental action, it becomes immensely challenging to keep the mind fresh and productive all the time. Stress and anxiety are always on cards in such scenarios, and to suppress this, people use various kinds of pills that carry numerous side effects.

To escape from the damage of stress, anxiety and depression and retain the efficiency of your creative mind naturally, Yoga poses for anxiety are the best bet. While Yoga is a three-sided practice that covers physical, mental as well as the spiritual aspects of a human life, its practice pays attention to the complete well-being of a body, in the healthy state of which a healthy mind resides.

Writing and Meditation

The art of writing and meditation seem different externally but are quite similar in practice. The key aspect in both these techniques is devotion, devotion to the extreme superior being, which marks the God in Meditation and words (also the God) in the case of writing. Both these practices are about letting go of all those external disturbances and focusing on the goal. Writing is creativity, a state of mind like Meditation, which one can improve and refine. Writers beginning their day with a minute or two of Meditation possess an extreme strength of controlling the mind during the process of creating a piece.

Yoga poses that shape up an artist’s mind in the most positive way:

  • Balasana: Balasana or Child’s Pose is one of the most mind-pacifying yogic exercises. While calmness is the key during creating something new, Yoga poses for anxiety like Balasana provides exactly this by mollifying down the mind of a writer. The exercise brings the brain into an agitation-free zone.

  • Uttanasana: Uttanasana is intensive forward bending with hands touching the toes and nose in line with the knees. This practice is very beneficial for keeping the mind energized for a long time because the position of head coming below the heart ensures smooth flow of blood to the head region nurturing the knowledge-box.

  • Chakrasana: Chakrasana is practiced by balancing the body on the toes and palms with the abdomen at the top. The pose teaches us the art of retaining the stability of the mind even during a state of bother and anxiety.

  • Pranayama: Pranayama, the yogic science of breathing is all about nourishing every part of the body with a proper supply of blood and oxygen – two of the most important elements in the body. While Pranayama is adorned with a number of benefits, the most important is the goodness of breathing. Get your mind free from stress and anxiety with this yoga. A healthy brain is what Pranayama provides.

  • Garudasana: Garudasana translates to Eagle Pose, a bird that stands for focus. Standing on one foot and concentrate the mind to the eternal power which brings an enormous amount of peace and harmony to the mind and body. It is one of the crucial Yoga poses for anxiety and is able to treat plenty of health conditions like Sciatica, low backache and asthma.

While Yoga is practiced widely as a physical exercise in modern times, the spiritual genre of this ancient science is still more powerful and relevant. The real meaning of Yoga that comes from the word ‘yuj’ is union – union with each and every particle in the universe, awareness to the deepest layers of our existence on the planet. A writer’s biggest strength is his/her union with the words, isn’t it?

Author Bio- Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher, Writer at Assignmentbro, and a Traveler in India. He is currently working with The Yoga Alliance affiliated school organizes a number of Yoga events such as Yoga teacher training India, Yoga workshops, Retreats, Pranayama training, etc.

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