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Dreams The Very Foundation of the Soul’s Calling – Brugh Joy

The importance of Brugh Joy’s work with Dreams can not be overstated, it was at the very foundation of his Soul’s calling.


His was really a gifting from the Gods/Goddesses. The following offerings will provide some clarity and insight as to how he approached dream work. These offerings are tendered for witnessing, these notes are not intended for discussion, or opining they are simply to hold as a road map. Naturally there are many ways we may choose to work with dreams, what is offered here is “A Way” not “The Way”.

  1. “Lessons in working with Dreams “A good rule to consider, when evaluating dreams, is to stay with the dream content and its dynamics as the tether for comment and discussion. To insert material that a dream does not really contain or to make the dream be what one wants it to be or what one thinks it should be can disturb the unconscious flow.
  2. Always return to the dream as it is and trust the Unconscious will reveal resolution and further dynamics of its own accord. There is a tendency to fix a person or to fix the dream that may creep into the interpretations. Our work is to bring understanding to the awareness – not take charge of the resolution.
  3. Agendas in interpretation and unconscious projections are certainly closely allied. Still, agendas are ways in which we choose to explore the dream whereas projections are unconscious and will operate no manner which way we decide to explore dreams.
  4. To decide that the dreamer should be in charge of the resolution of conflict showing up in dreams is a good example of an agenda.
  5. To decide that the dreamer should witness how the unconscious resolves conflict removes the ego from the seduction to power. This allows the unconscious to reveal rather than to compensate” W. Brugh Joy, MD
Originally written by Brugh Joy and offered by Zo Owen…
‘To really fathom the importance of dreams, a major shift in consciousness is required. We must cease regarding the outer mind and our usual day to day consciousness primary and begin to experience the outer mind and outer reality as only a small part of who and what we are in our total Beingness. In approaching dream interpretation then, we want to become familiar with the forces behind the images, since the images themselves are only vehicles that carry the deeper intention of the dream material. It is important to understand clearly that the images are not a literal/rational representation of reality. They are symbols of forces in tension, in relationship… .forces that make up the vaster aspects of the individual and the collective to which he, or she belongs.
Dream images may represent organ systems dialoguing with one another. They may represent one part of the psyche expressing and experiencing another part. They may be revealing ancient/future patterns that Life requires us to dance for its purposes, in regard to which no personal gain to the dreamer may be involved. Dream images may be interacting for no other purpose than for creative expression, or they may be expressing an attempt to balance the overall makeup of forces within the individual and have little to do with the outer sense of self. As Carl Jung suggested, dreams may be the conscious mind of the Unconscious.” W. Brugh Joy, MD

Source: AWAKEN


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