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The Extraordinary Link Between Your Microbiome & Immune Health

by Nick Polizzi: Today I have a special video that we’ve created for you…


It dives into the startling healing power of your microbiome – a vital part of you that scientists are only just beginning to understand.

Your microbiome is, quite simply, the community of microorganisms – bacteria, viruses, fungi — that live all over you and within you. They’re in your gut, on your skin, in your tissues, glands, blood, bodily fluids… everywhere.

The human body actually hosts ten times as many “non-human” microbe cells as “human” cells. We can’t live without them! For example, without the billions of different bacteria that have colonized our guts, we wouldn’t be able to digest our food.

We have a symbiotic relationship with our microbiomes – when our microbiomes are happy and healthy, so are we. We sleep better, we feel more energy… and our immune systems are stronger.

We got the chance to chat with Daniel Vitalis when we filmed Remedy, and he knows A LOT about the microbiome, how to take good care of it (hint: eat the right foods!), and how its functioning is central to a healthy immune system.

Source: The Sacred Science


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