by Paul C Pritchard: There’s a better civilization available to us.” Dr bruce Lipton


Press play and let Dr Bruce beguile you into some trust in this very moment, and the next, and the next, and the next …

It’s so easy to feel a little forlorn if we both passively watch and also buy into the current narratives that the world is a dark and dangerous place: that a dystopian future is already manifesting. It’s true that technology brings more and more hyper-stimulating news coverage of world events that we would have never previously been exposed to. Technology and our seemingly inextricable new limbs; smartphones and wifi-screens are manipulating our perceptions.

We are ‘choosing’ our own realities that are actually generated by algorithms. We are losing agency every day. So of course the world feels alien and causes anxiety, perhaps even mild trauma. Mini earthquakes across our heart-fault lines. Eventually we are too exhausted from anti-nourishment that we close down a little every day.

In this short film Dr Bruce Lipton offers us some hope for the heart and trust in our process. It’s not all doom and gloom. Nothing ever is. The miracles of life on our planet-home continue to beckon us into their mysteries. Not to find answers but to be in awe. Bruce seduces us into the wonderful world of Imaginal Cells. The Caterpillar while regressing into what appears to be a primordial soup, has no idea that soon, an orchestra of imaginal cells is playing a magnificent butterfly into creation. The caterpillar is not concerned with her future and yet she is integral in the design, construct and the explosion of beauty and colour that will flutter-butter-fly.

Take a deep breath. Let your shoulders relax. Take another deep breath. Relax your belly. Open your mouth wide and make some strange sounds from your throat. Let a long sleepy yawn ask your eyelids to be heavy. Relax. Your worry and anxiety is better transformed into prayer, kindness, loving thoughts and altruistic gestures. Sit down. Drink some cool water. All is as it should be! And if you feel called to take right-action and make changes then call the energy that’s needed for that from your heart, your kindness, your wellbeing, your relaxation and your love. Then you’ll truly know energy and power.

What is your new perception after seeing this short talk with Dr Bruce? What ways can you make a kindness change? Is it true for you that a loving heart space fosters right action? We’d love for you to start and join in the conversation in the comments below.

We love you … you big beautiful bunch of imaginal cells.

Wishing you healthy, happy and empowering perceptions.

Source: UpLift