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Cord Cutting Basics

by : The first way we will build our energetic defenses is by learning how to cut cords for ourselves…


Cords connect us to people, places and even lifetimes.  Psychiatry refers to them as trauma bonds and they follow us throughout our lives.  Unless these cords are cut we are connected to past relationships that hurt us and even to places we died or were wounded in other lifetimes.  Imagine cords as information superhighways that hijack and influence our lives in ways that are not beneficial to us. We begin by cutting the cord and then tracking the origin and the source of the cord so that healing occurs.

It is usually difficult for us to track cords for ourselves because these connections are unconscious.  But we can enlist the help of nature by using feathers.  Find 2 feathers that you are attracted to and then summon the spirit animal they come from.  Establish a connection with this spirit animal by holding the feathers in your hand and imagine the bird looking into your eyes.  Ask it to help you to track the cord and find the connections.

Your relationship to the power animal is essential as it connects you to nature.  Our power animals are guides to help us witness the trauma bond.  Understanding the trauma bond can help us understand why we are attracted to the same kind of man or woman, or abandoned and mistreated over and over.

Tracking the source without cutting the cord only gives insight and that alone isn’t transformational.  It is like trying to clean your bathtub being filled with dirty water without cutting off the flow of water from the pipes.  Cutting the cord without tracking the source leaves us without an understanding of the lessons.

Cords are connected to either chakras or organs.  Cords to former lives are generally connected to chakras.  The chakras are the purest energy of our system and the former life is feeding from this pure energy.  Cords to relationships, past and present are usually connected to organs that are also rich in energy.

Begin by holding the two feathers like they are swords or knives.  Starting with the first chakra, hold the intent to cut cords attached to each chakra.  Next, cleanse yourself by using the feathers like a knife over your entire body to clear sticky webs.  Be sure to use the feathers on your backside – cords often find and feed on your kidneys.  Chronic fatigue and other illnesses are often associated with a cord or caused by a cord.

Cords are always connected to a story.  Many situations try to ensnare us from other people and even the media and the collective consciousness.  They often are formed when we try hard to be liked or admired by someone.  After being cut, the cord rebounds to the person it was connected to.  Don’t be surprised if you get an unexpected call from someone the next day because they will feel the trauma bond being broken when the cord is cut.

After cutting the cords and cleansing yourself, call on the spirit animal connected to the feathers you are using to guide to you where and when the cord was formed.  The power animal is a spirit of nature found in every culture and tradition.  Power animals help us to us find what is buried in our unconscious and help us to understand when and why the trauma occurred so healing happens.

Source: The Four Winds


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