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Moving Stories of Real Life From Around The World

by Axriel Reshel: Each one of us feels love. Each one of us has a dream. We all bleed when our white, black, yellow or brown skins are cut. And we all feel pain…


Being human is truly about the heart connections, those times where we share our vulnerability, our fears, our stories, and our longings. The times where we bare our souls to one another. Our most human moments are the moments of authenticity, where we share what we truly feel, and we drop the masks. Our shared humanity is what unites us, whether we are from an African village, a snowy igloo, or a New York ghetto.

These are some of the raw stories of real people across the globe, as told to the documentary makers of Human. Journalists asked 2020 people from 60 different countries the same 40 questions. The answers are deeply moving.

Each one of us has a story to tell, and the sharing of our stories brings us closer together. What does it mean to be human? Let these real-life stories change your perception of yourself and touch your soul:

Revolutionary Reconciliation

Aziz Abu Sarah, a Palestinian from Jerusalem, whose brother was killed during the Middle East conflict shares his journey from anger to peace and the hope he is finding through a personal connection with Jewish friends.

Watch: Aziz Abu Sarah


Peaceful Activism

Well known environmentalist, anthropologist and animal rights activist, Jane Goodall is best known for her inspiring work with chimpanzees who she has studied for 55 years. A UN Messenger of Peace, Jane says: “Change happens by listening and then starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you don’t believe is right.” In this clip, she speaks about how she found the courage and determination to live her passion and do her job of giving people hope.

Watch: Jane Goodall



Aida is a young mother from Senegal who works in the local rubbish dump collecting shoes, scraps and items of garbage. It is a job that is difficult and exposes her to filth, dust and toxic material. She is proud to be an independent woman with a job and her unique outlook on life is truly inspiring.

Watch: Aida from Senegal

This amazing documentary shares countless moving moments from ordinary people around the globe. You can watch the full film for free on YouTube.

Source: Uplifft Love


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