1. “The cultural transformation from the love of power to the power of love is the drama of our time.”
  2. “As civilization grows more complex, it is simultaneously becoming increasingly interrelated. We are converging upon ourselves, and this is forcing us to relate.”
  3. “Human consciousness is now being drawn inexorably toward the same issues, the gaze of collective attention focused like never before.”
  4. “Physically, the heart is an organ that keeps us alive through a coordinated network of cells beating together. Spiritually, the heart is the center of love, the force that makes our lives worthwhile. Globally, the heart is a symbol of a new organizing principle for how to live together on this finite jewel of a planet.”
  5. “World peace is the most essential outer realization of our time.”
  6. “To love ourselves is to act respectfully toward ourselves, to enjoy our own company when in solitude, to honor our limits and speak our truths.”
  7. “Certainty can be one of the greatest tickets to ignorance.”
  8. “While most people think of enlightenment as a state of knowing all the answers, we could also think of it as arriving finally at the right questions.”
  9. “Peace is not merely the absence of warfare, any more than true health is simply the absence of disease. Nor is peace simply a quiet state of equilibrium–impossible to achieve in an evolving system. Though refraining from harm is an essential first step, lasting peace is created by actively redressing harm done. Peace is a creative process of actively joining I and thou into a co-creative we. It requires authentic communication, empathic listening, and wildly creative solutions.”
  10. “As you transform yourself, you transform the world.”
  11. “Attachment says we are certain we know what is best. It does not allow the humility that opens us to something larger.”
  12. “The human drama is reaching its denouement. The great unveiling is approaching, a time when the power structures of the world begin to crumble and people of the heart sing out a new truth. Many voices are joining the chorus, many feet are walking the path, many minds are dreaming possibilities for a magnificent future. For beneath the crises that are looming at every level of civilization, the global heart is awakening, beating out the rhythm of a new and glorious dance, calling us to a better way of living.”
  13. “Dreams link the conscious and the unconscious mind. Thus they link the lower and upper chakras which are crucial both to our awakening as conscious individuals and to the connection of that consciousness with the dynamic ground of Earth and nature.”
  14. “To heal our relationhship to our bodies is to heal our relationship with the earth.”
  15. “To regain our ground is to regain our alivenss, and the foundation of all that follows.”
  16. “So for now, turn off the phone, and perhaps turn off the lights. Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down. And allow yourself to go on this wondrous journey. Take a deep breath in, and let it out. And pull your attention away from the outer world. And begin to focus on the inner world. The world of the energy body. The place where spirit and matter, mind and body, and heaven and Earth come together within you. And know that this core within you is unique to you. You are the only one on the planet who has exactly your configuration, exactly your patterns. You are unique and you are awake. And you have an awareness that is capable of exploring your own workings.”
  17. “It’s not only for unanswered questions that we seek knowledge but also for the examination of unquestioned answers.”
  18. “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who claim to have found it.”
  19. “Though we have computers that can calculate beyond our human abilities, we have yet to create a machine remotely as sophisticated as the human brain.”
  20. “The mighty oak was once a little nut that stood its ground.”
  21. “Can we let go of another pair of shoes from China to have more time to walk barefoot on the grass?”
  22. “There is no will without intention—only whim.”
  23. “When we are grounded, we can be present, focused, dynamic. Our attention is concentrated in the here and now, bringing a dynamic intensity to the way we present ourselves.”
  24. “Can we let go of another pair of shoes from China to have more time to walk barefoot on the grass?”
  25. “To realize is to not only to see with real eyes but to make real what you see.”