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Quotes by Guru Singh

  1. “When you walk into any room, make it your home. Then help every one in the room to feel at home. Remember, you are uniquely you and you have every right to be exactly that. Do not try to fit in, you fit perfectly in you.”
  2. “When we are inspired to seek guidance from our higher consciousness; we access much higher frequencies of the collective ancient human mind. As an individual incarnation we achieve this through our sacred disciplines.” 
  3. “When you stop holding the world around you to its old capacities and expectations, it can develop new ones in your presence. This is the power of time . . . never living in the past, but being present for the future to arrive in the hands of your present moment.”
  4. “After all—materially—from ‘nothing’ we come and to ‘nothing’ we return, but we are really always ‘something’ forever . . . we are forever the form of our infinite envisioning. Such is the nature of nothing being everything being nothing.”
  5. “The illusion of time is in fact an illusion; this doesn’t mean however that it is unnecessary to work with . . . it means it is an illusion, a puzzle, a riddle to master, to work through and to not be ruled by.”
  6. “If you were to do nothing about your karmic scorecard, it represents your fate . . . sticking with and stuck in, what you were born with. When you commit to taking on this fate — doing something about it — this fate transforms into destiny. Here, you influence what is given to you as fate, converting and shaping it toward a destination of your choice. This is destiny.”
  7. “Time is an illusion; it might pass like a silent cloud . . . a speeding train . . . like a raging siren, or a gentle stream . . . yet it is always passing — never standing. The passage is not in question, just the sensation it leaves on life with its passing.”
  8. “This — birthing into spirit — was accomplished by all the Prophets, the Avatars, the Messiahs and the Masters throughout history. Their lives were an example of what we are all capable of achieving. It is the evolution of human consciousness and the goal of all life. Now is the time to take from their examples and continue this journey forward toward our common destiny. We are all One.”
  9. “We are the pioneers of the future . . . we are a global human community . . . we entrain ourselves with enlightenment.”
  10. “The quantum laws of physics live vivaciously within the nature of humanology, but science even today has discovered less than half of these laws that yogis have known and lived by for centuries. Science has yet to allow this magical half to raise it voice in the midst of the logical roar.”
  11. “Set up a personal daily practice of yoga, conscious breathing while walking, and meditation. Move one small step forward every day and measure your progress after each day, week month and particularly every forty days. Celebrate your experiences when you succeed and also when you fail.”
  12. “Accept the other as yourself and welcome it home to your Heaven on Earth. This introduces your mirroring facility of relationship; where, when you honor the other, you honor your highest self.”
  13. “The Buddha said it best, “When you see worthiness, praise it . . . When you see unworthiness, look for the common thread connecting to you.” The truly conscious person accepts the wholeness of all matter and applies this perception without preference to life and all its events . . . seeing the “grand-other” as a lesson full of messages.”
  14. “Relationships are great teachers. They teach that life is not about changing or controlling the outside world — life is about molding and mastering the perceptions from the inside.”
  15. “God has been the Father figure for thousands of years because a father is the protector and provider. In the new phase of evolution, God is cannot have a single gender . . . definitely not a father figure because in reality there is no reproduction if God is father – no father gives birth. The next evolution is about being real and connected and aware.”
  16. “The human voice sits between the heart and the head. When we consciously mature and grow up in spirit; we learn to use this voice to activate our heart’s sense of the ‘eternal’ as a means of overcoming the head’s addiction to temporal logic. Eternity is not at all logical.”
  17. “Each morning is an opportunity to be the person you were born to be. Each morning is an opportunity to take this chance . . . take this risk . . . blossom into the new evolution of human consciousness . . . create the greatest possibility of your life.
  18. “Excellence is achieved through many trials containing many mistakes and many errors. To keep-up — to maintain integrity throughout these trials; to overcome the disappointments from the constant errors and mistakes is uniquely a human ability — a human quality.”
  19. “In a material universe, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, learn to redirect the angle of the reaction so that it continues working in favor of the action.”
  20. “Happiness is not desired or acquired; happiness is allowed to arise. Happiness is never stiff; it is as flexible as water. If at first it does not succeed . . . it will try and try and try again until it does. Such is the resilient nature of happiness.”
  21. “The new evolution is one that engages GOD as the balance of both male and female. It is where awareness opens to the infinite possibility of reality rather than the limited predictability of a particular law.”
  22. “Trusting the imperfections in these moments is a surrendering of your control to the cosmic perfection. This is extremely powerful . . . every human has every right to this power, but this power is surrounded by your resistance to surrendering.”
  23. “Meditation is not about getting it right, it is about getting right to it and doing so daily. It is not about proving who you are . . . it is about improving who you are. It is about becoming aware of the rhythms of your life in relation to the experience of life, and getting these experiences in touch with their deeper meanings . . . in touch with your purpose.”
  24. “Seekers — students of the Infinite, students of yoga, students of life — often complain that when they sit down to meditate, they are not always greeted by the pleasantness of openness, the attitude of readiness, or a heartfelt sense of willingness. The great master Yogi Bhajan said many times, “If when meditating — all your garbage does not come out to greet you — you are probably not meditating.”

  25. “Meditation disassembles old thought patterns and reassembles them into ones that better serve the ‘pre—awakened’ on the path to becoming ‘awakened’. This is not always a dance — much of the time it is a struggle — especially when you run into patterns that have become attachments.”
  26. “Work to achieve the highest level of your personal development and do so while remaining judge-less, compassionate and effective in your leadership. Remember: being judge-less does not mean being unaware . . . it means that you do not condemn that which your awareness leads you to see. This is the radiance of the new evolution of human consciousness . . . this is the pathway to the greatest possibilities of life.”



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