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World Could Install 250 GW Of Solar This Year

August 8th, 2022|

by Ryan Kennedy: Rob Barnett, a senior clean energy analyst for Bloomberg, forecasts a 30% increase in global PV deployment this year, and double-digit growth through 2025… […]

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The Town With The Cleanest Air In The World

August 3rd, 2022|

by Anna Filipova: In Svalbard, there’s a village where the atmosphere is ultra-clean, Wi-Fi is banned, and all buildings go unlocked in case you need to hide from polar bears – but as Anna Filipova [...]

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What You Need To Know About Windows

July 30th, 2022|

Did you know that if your windows are outdated or damaged, you could be wasting 25-30% of your home’s heat or air conditioning? […]

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Electric Vehicles 101: Everything You Need to Know

July 28th, 2022|

by Bridget Reed Morawski: If you think electric cars are a new concept, you’re not alone. Until recently, EV’s drew interest mainly from a niche group of enthusiasts… […]

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The Cornish Farm that Plans To Last 1,000 years

July 26th, 2022|

by Amanda Ruggeri: Merlin and Lizzie Hanbury-Tenison are not your usual farmers. Their mission is to honour an ancient woodland, restore their land’s ecosystems and share its restorative powers. […]

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How L.A. Is Beting the aHeat With White-Painted Streets

July 24th, 2022|

by Matt Hickman: Los Angeles is a strange place. For most first-time visitors, particularly those fleeing parts of the country where the winters are frigid and unforgiving, one of the most remarkable things about L.A. is [...]

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Biden Vows ‘Strong’ Action On Clean Energy

July 21st, 2022|

President Joe Biden is promising “strong executive action” to combat climate change, despite dual setbacks in recent weeks that have restricted his ability to regulate carbon emissions and boost clean energy such as wind and solar power… [...]

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Al Gore: The New Urgency Of Climate Change

July 12th, 2022|

The coronavirus brought much of the world to a standstill, dropping carbon emissions by five percent. Al Gore says keeping those rates down is now up to us.   Awaken Renewable Energy Awaken Environment Awaken [...]

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Supreme Court Decision May Slow Clean Energy Transition

July 6th, 2022|

The Supreme Court ruling limiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants could have far-reaching consequences for the energy sector… […]

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The Race To Produce Green Steel

July 5th, 2022|

by Marcello Rossi: The steel industry is testing new technologies that don’t rely on fossil fuels… […]