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Seva (Service)

September 22nd, 2022|

by Kate Rabinowitz: Today I received a gift of service. My guinea pig Butterscotch just had a major surgery (I am not kidding) and I didn’t know how to care for him when leaving on [...]

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How To Find Genuine Abundance

September 19th, 2022|

by Deepak Chopra™, M.D: Abundance is a baffling issue for most people because they approach it from a place of scarcity and lack… […]

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The Neutral Mind – Donna Quesada

September 18th, 2022|

by Donna Quesada: I remember my teacher saying to “dive into the cosmic self.” I thought to myself that whatever the cosmic self was… […]

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How The Dalai Lama Is Chosen

September 16th, 2022|

Actually, the Dalai Lama is not technically chosen; rather, he is found. But to understand how it works, you first have to learn the basics of Tibetan Buddhism and its belief in reincarnation… […]

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Choosing Love Not Fear

September 15th, 2022|

by Jessica Schrader: How to respond from love and not react from fear in our relationships… […]

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What Is Pleasure? – Rabbi Rami Shapiro

September 14th, 2022|

by Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Dive into a contemplation of the definition of “pleasure,” and learn how melancholy can have similar effects… […]

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What Is Mu?

September 13th, 2022|

by Barbara O’Brien: The Barrier Gate of Zen… […]

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The Healing Power Of Forgiveness

September 8th, 2022|

by Kathy McCoy Ph.D: Justin would be the first to admit that his childhood was far from traumatic… […]

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Peak Experiences In Psychology

September 7th, 2022|

by Kendra Cherry: In Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs, self-actualization is located at the very top of the pyramid, representing the need to fulfill one’s individual potential… […]

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Updating Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

September 2nd, 2022|

by Kendra Cherry: Anyone who has ever taken a psychology class probably has at least a basic understanding of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs… […]

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The Power of Silence

August 29th, 2022|

by Sandra Bilbray: In an increasingly loud and stressful world, more people are discovering the benefits and power of silence… […]

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The Meaning of Egolessness – Ken Wilber

August 26th, 2022|

by Ken Wilber: Precisely because the ego, the soul and the Self can all be present simultaneously, we can better understand the real meaning of egolessness, […]

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How Mindfulness Saved My Life

August 25th, 2022|

by Hillary Goldthwait-Fowles: Life is filled with choices. One choice can send you down a road that is filled with joy, love, and laughter… […]

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Medicine Wheel & the Four Directions

August 24th, 2022|

By Chief Seattle, Leader of the Suquamish and Duwamish Native American tribes: Native Americans have a deep connection to nature that is referenced in helping establish and maintain balance, health, and wellness… […]

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The Earth Element – Alberto Villoldo

August 24th, 2022|

byAlberto Villoldo: For earthkeepers, all of us who are dedicated to the stewardship of the Earth and all of life, the Earth element is foundational… […]

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Journey From Form To Formless

August 23rd, 2022|

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The word ‘anatha’ in Sanskrit means one without a master. An acharya (teacher) gives ‘shiksha’, which means knowledge; a guru gives ‘deeksha’ which means heightened awareness…  […]

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Basic Breath Series

August 23rd, 2022|

This set gives you a quick lift in energy, increased clarity, and a sense of balance… […]

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How to Practice Tonglen

August 22nd, 2022|

by Pema Chödrön: Pema Chödrön teaches us “sending and taking,” an ancient Buddhist practice to awaken compassion. With each in-breath, we take in others’ pain. With each out-breath, we send them relief… […]

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The Circle of Courage

August 21st, 2022|

by Martin Brokenleg: Anthropologists have long known that Native Americans reared courageous, respectful children without using harsh coercive controls… […]

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Mysteries Are To Be Lived, Not Understood.

August 17th, 2022|

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: We all came into this world gifted with innocence, but gradually, as we became more intelligent, we lost our innocence… […]

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Keys To Build Strong Friendships

August 16th, 2022|

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Not demanding anything from friends, and telling them I’m here to support you is the key… […]