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by the Theosophy Trust: Meditation had been a vital dimension of Buddhist practice from the moment it entered China. Tao-an combined a vigorous attempt to secure and meticulously translate accurate texts with an enduring commitment to establish strong foundations for the Buddhist sangha and by spreading meditation exercises amongst the monks.


by Barbara O’Brien:  First Patriarch of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism: Although little is known about the life of Bodhidharma, as the founder of Ch’an (Zen) Buddhism his influence permeates the culture of Asia and now the West. The story of his life has been preserved in legend.

Bodhidharma: Myth or Reality?

by Christopher Caile: At a minimum he was a remarkable man. He was but one of hundreds, if not thousands, who ventured far distances from India and elsewhere to China to teach. And while virtually ignored historically in that country, now after almost 1500 years he is venerated in Japan, as the great religious figure – […]

The Original Shaolin Monk

6/7/10 by Goran Powell: The Shaolin Temple is regarded as the birthplace of Zen and Kung Fu—the first place in history to combine the training of a warrior with the spiritual practices of a monk. The beginning of this unique tradition is attributed to the monk Bodhidharma (Da Mo in Chinese, Daruma in Japanese) who visited […]