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There Really was an Amorous Dolphin Peter: More on Easy Travel to Other Planets

from Have A Little Talk Blog: I feel like I didn’t do my homework before I wrote In Praise of Ted Mooney, Part 1: Easy Travel to Other Planets. In his Acknowledgments, Mooney mentions that the explanation of sonar that Melissa, the novel’s dolphin researcher, provides,  is based on a passage in John Lilly’s Lilly on Dolphins (1975).

FTA History

Floatation Tank Association   This is the history of the Floatation Tank Association based on available information. The floatation tank , invented by Dr. John Lilly, and described by him in his book about the tank,”The Deep Self”:

From here to Alternity and Beyond

“The explanatory principle will save you from the fear of the unknown. I prefer the unknown…” by John Lilly: How does one briefly describe a man as complex as John Lilly? Whole books barely provide an overview of this man’s extraordinary existence, amazing accomplishments, and contributions to the world.

Mapping of the Brain

In order not to injure the brain substance itself, six hundred and ten electrodes were placed on the cerebral cortex of one macaque monkey. Being able to stimulate the brain through these electrodes without putting the monkey under anesthesia showed that the whole monkey brain was sensory and motor. Every part of the cerebral cortex […]