Write for Us!

Awaken.com is now welcoming experienced writers for both contributor content and sponsored content.

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a topic that will awaken our readers? If so, we invite you to send us your submission!

We are looking for positive, uplifting and relevant stories related to living an informed, inspired, healthy and AWAKENED life.

Topics of interest include: Health & wellness, diet & nutrition, Yoga, mindfulness & meditation, love, psychology, philosophy, consciousness, enlightenment, culture, technology, transportation, renewable energy, as well as other topics that pertain to our overall mission.

Contributor & Sponsor Content Guidelines:

  • Headlines should grab attention, while offering the reader a benefit, insight or solution. The topic should be useful, interesting, relevant and unique.
  • Articles must be original (not published elsewhere) and will be exclusive to the Awaken site for 60 days. After 60 days, the article, if posted elsewhere, will have the Awaken web address, linking it back to us, as the source.
  • Articles when relevant, should be backed up by quotes, statistics and references. Anecdotes or personal experience are appropriate, when applicable.
  • Include your BIO highlighting your credentials and writing credits and a link to your personal site if relevant. No links to commercial sites allowed in the body of the post or in your Bio. 
  • Your article should be no longer than 500 to 1,200 words excluding BIO.  
  • Content should address our largely female audience or both genders.
  • Articles should highlight a problem our readers can identify with, along with the steps needed to transform their personal growth.
  • We request that you use Grammarly or another similar platform to catch errors.
  • Articles should include pictures that are either not copyrighted, except to you, or else used by permission.
  • The required resolution of featured pictures is 520×280 pixels or larger, but not wider than 620 pixels.
  • Send your completed article to guestpost@awaken.com.
  • We read all submissions and if accepted we will contact you within 2 weeks. AWAKEN.com does not pay for submissions.

Additional guidelines for sponsored content:

We are not taking sponsored content or ads at this time. You will be notified when we do take sponsored content or it will be posted in this writers guidelines section.