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Don Miguel Ruiz Interview with Women For One on Toltec Wisdom and His Book The Four Agreements

Bestselling author of The Four Agreements, and heart-centered teacher don Miguel Ruiz recently spoke with Women For One’s Founder, Kelly McNelis Senegor,


about defining truth, how to avoid suffering, and how to work towards a more joyous, simpler state of mind.


After realizing that the Toltec wisdom practiced by his family held all the tools that could change the human mind, don Miguel realized his calling – marrying this wisdom with a practical, and even scientific point of view. He is considered a National Heirloom of Mexico, and has received numerous recognitions, including a US Air Force challenge coin engraved with The Four Agreements.

In the interview, don Ruiz outlines his two versions of “truth” – what we perceive as humans and the truth that just “exists”. He notes that humans have the ability to perceive the truth all the time, but many people don’t acknowledge how they distort the truth to create their own personal story or account of what is real. The real truth, he says, is something that can’t be explained by words; it’s an existence that is merely perceived.

Don Miguel explained how people use their perceptions to shape the truth, to describe who they are and what they believe, without seeing how societal or even personal systems of belief, cultural norms and upbringings shape what they know to be “true”. We understand only what we learn, notes don Miguel.

This idea of perception-based truth is one of the primary points in don Miguel’s Toltec teachings. The Toltec philosophy is grounded in simplicity and common sense. Through his books and teachings, don Miguel Ruiz provides easily accessible lessons in simple, common-sense psychology, building a set of tools that anyone can use to heal themselves regardless of their situation. He reminds his students that life is focused on the person experiencing it – though perceptions, beliefs, and awareness.

Through this knowledge, he teaches people to overcome their own obstacles to alleviate suffering. In the same way, these teachings can be applied on a more widespread scale. Becoming more aware of societally constructed “truths”, don Miguel’s students have the ability to make change within their communities because they have the ability to challenge these so-called “truths”. This means that communities like Women For One have the power to make changes by shedding light on powerful community leaders, spiritual teachers, and amazing women from around the globe.

Women For One is a global community of women who are working to change communities for the better by promoting awareness, authenticity, and empowerment worldwide. Through the Women For One website, they share stories written by women around the world, interviews with authentic and inspiring people, life-changing books, and chances for community advocacy.

Source: AWAKEN


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