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Conscious Man

How Can I Tell If He’s Conscious?  



It’s in the way he listens, how he respects your intuition and embraces your emotions, especially on the days you can’t explain why you’re so upset.

It’s the way he makes you feel safe by holding you rather than stepping away when he doesn’t know what to do.

It’s in the way he handles a long day at work, he doesn’t escape, he’s able to stay present and communicate.

It’s in the way he handles conflict. He doesn’t yell, rage, cry, swear, shrink or run away. He remains in control and stays connected until it’s resolved.

It’s in the way he can read your body, your energy, the essence of you. He’s taken the time to get to know YOU.

It’s in his ability to open you up sexually. You can trust this man so you’re able to let go, to express your deepest desires in a space of passion, intimacy and full trust.

It’s in the way he pushes you, challenges you, and expects the best from you. He does this all from a place of love not judgement.

It’s in the way he expects you to be a grown up and handle your shit. He won’t save you, run after you, or chase you. He will support you. He knows you can save yourself.

It’s in the way he handles pressure. He faces the fear and he steps up everytime, all the time. If he doesn’t have the answer he finds it, if he needs support he asks for it. He doesn’t quit until the issue is resolved.

It’s in his commitment to purpose. A conscious man knows who he is and why he’s here. He has claimed his place in this world, he has stepped through his fear and his life is a reflection of this commitment, especially when he’s under pressure.

Don’t settle, you deserve magnificence.

We come from the stars and we shall return.  We are SOUL SPIRITS entwined within the heavenly stars. We are visitors here just passing through… our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love, and to return home… remember.

Source: Sacred Dream Inspiration


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