Bella was saved from a public pound where she had spent her days confined to a concrete cage,


neglected and deprived of proper medical care and affection.

Rescued by Howl and getting all the love and care that she deserved, Bella’s personality has started to shine through.

And it didn’t take long until she found her perfect adoptive family.

Now Bella lives in Germany, in a very beautiful and quiet village, she goes for lots of walks in the forest, which she totally loves (she has seen deer, foxes, squirrels and a badger, and was very excited by it all). And in the house, she follows her mom around wherever she goes.

Bella’s adoptive mom wrote us: “I think she feels very comfortable and happy here. She is very affectionate towards me and we cuddle a lot, but she is also a bit of a clown – she makes me laugh every day!

We couldn’t be happier for Bella, she has settled in great, she’s very loved and spoiled and she’s also getting along well with her new four-legged companion, Bumble. Thank you so much Nathalie for adopting this sweet, gentle soul!

More pictures of Bella.

Source: AWAKEN