Donna Quesada: So exciting. Number Seven. Earth Keepers.


AlaKaren Hoza: Earth Keepers Rite. So, the Earth Keepers Rite was the Rite that came down in the 50’s that we were talking about earlier, that was not reallyit hadnt really been out and about. And the Earth Keepers Rite is the Rite that connects us to all those luminous beings that have guardianship over the earth… who watch over every aspect of the Earth.

DONNA: Now, are we talking about angels or deceased wise ones? Ancestors? Or, all of the above?

KAREN: All of the above. Luminous ones, meaning Archangels. Those ones that come from the stars and have guardianship over the earth. We just have to connect in with them. Their highest vision is for our well-being on the earth.

DONNA: Are we talking about like Pleiadian people? Wisdom keepers from other planetary realms?

KAREN: Yes, Im going to say because its from the stars. So, yes. I couldnt give you a specific, but yes. All of that included. This connects us to visionaries.

DONNA: So exciting.

KAREN: And what I love about this is… In this place of connecting to these Earth Keepers… It opens us up to their vision. We become visionaries. We are able to see possibility and we are able to be those dreamers who bring in the healed earth. And so, with their help tapping into that, we are able to be stewards of the earth. We also accept that stewardship. So, as we go through the rites, weve awakened our healers. Weve awakened the healer within. Weve balanced our feminine. Weve balanced our masculine. Weve stepped out of time. Were connected to the cycles. And now, we are connected to all possibility because through that ability, we can create a new way of living in the world. A new way of being.

DONNA: It awakens that ability within us by tapping into their storehouse of wisdom.

KAREN: Absolutely.

DONNA: Its a sort of channelling that we open ourselves up to…

KAREN: It is. And the more we spread the Rites and the more people bring them in… then there are more of us that are doing this same thing… what brings this community of people together. Then the more we can envision this new possibility for ourselves and for the planet.

DONNA: Number eight? The Star keepers Rite.

KAREN: The Star Keeper’s Rite. So, this anchors us in the time to come. And what they say originally… they talk about how The Star Keeper’s Rite anchors us in the time after the turning over. The Patchacuti, which we talked about as being 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar… But I think that we can all see that coming on today. We are still in that Pachacuti in that turning over. And so, what this rite does is, anchor us in that place safely. After all the turning over. So, it connects us to our becoming. 10,000 years into the future. How amazing is that?

DONNA: Its mind blowing.

KAREN: It is. Its so exciting to me and again, its bringing in our chakras. When we pass this particular rite on, we are bringing in quanta of energy from that place of our becoming. Way beyond our galaxy. Way into the future. And we are installing that into our chakras. So, it works with the archetypes that have been installed. And it allows us to grow that new body that Alberto talks about. It allows us to begin to shift our DNA. You know, we live differently. We die differently. We heal differently.

DONNA: It sounds like it actually slows down the aging process.

KAREN: Yes, absolutely slows down the aging process. And we dont process things the same way in our body any longer. Maybe you will get sick with something but it passes through you quickly and its not something that hangs around and drags you down. Because you have strengthened this physical body. And shifted it. Youve changed it.

DONNA: Wow. Again, to make sure I understand this properly… The difference between the previous step, which I believe was Earth Keepers… We are tapping into Star Beings, Archangels, and enlightened, deceased beings. The difference between that step and this step is that in this step, we are actually tapping into who we become in the future.

Almost like taking a short cut, so to speak. Making use of the evolution that has already taken place, so that I dont have to go through the same pitfalls again. And I can now do my work without the barriers that come from this body. And the limitations of this body and old age, and so forth. Im bypassing all of that.

KAREN: Yes, you are able to bring in that future self. And how incredible that is? If we can bring in that future self with all of those resources. Its going to change how we behave on the earth. What our choices are… what we do.

DONNA: Number Nine. Is it The Creators Rite?

KAREN: The Creator Rite. This is that last rite that was brought down in 2006. Up until that time, the rite was only passed on from spirit to human. It was never passed on from human to human. And when that rite came down with the Q’ero from the high mountain, and we began to be able to take that out and pass that on to others… what happens to that Creator Rite is that it taps into our God nature… that Christ consciousness. It awakens that part of us.

And the way that I see it is… What happens when we awaken that, is… we become manifest. We tap into creation. And so, it comes with responsibility because we only have to think about something and we are able to manifest in such a profound way. This is what I found when I received that rite for the first time. That whenever I put my focus on something, it was so much easier to manifest.

That God Rite also connects us to those luminous ones who are stewards of all creation. And so, by receiving that rite, we receive stewardship of all creation. From the tiniest grain of sand to the most amazing galaxy out there.

So, we accept that stewardship and of course, thats going to shift how we show up in the universe again. So, really awakening that God Rite. Awakening that manifesting. That creation within ourselves.

DONNA: Actually, tapping into source. That source energy. In a word, Karen, what would you say is the point of these nine rites? Just to really ground us…

KAREN: Well, Its wholeness. And if I can just have a few more words?

DONNA: Please.

KAREN: Im going to say that the importance of these rites is that they connect us to all of creation, so that we can have a hand in shifting all that is going on, on this earth. We have an ability to dream a new world into being. And then more of us that receive these rites… then, there are more of us who are dreaming a whole new world. For ourselves… For our childrenFor our children’s children… and for the planet.

DONNA: Im going to read something that I found so fascinating, in preparing for this interview.

The Rites dont make anyone important. On the contrary, they make one uniquely UNimportant. Only then, from a position of no ego or non-ego, can we truly be of service.

I found that so beautiful and so in sync with what you were just saying a moment ago. That part of what this is all about is helping to create a new world. Helping the world. Helping all of us become whole and connected. But that requires a degree of unselfishness.

KAREN: And I think the other word is service. It puts us in service. To ourselves. To our fellow human beings. To all of life on earth.

DONNA: What has been the most helpful aspect of receiving these Rites to you, Karen?

KAREN: For me, they have brought balance. We have those three centers… the head, the heart, the belly. And the word Alberto teaches, and we use, is “ayni” and thats Rite-Reciprocity. So, being in right relationship with everything. And the Rites help bring all those centers into balance, and they help to bring us into balance with all that is.

So, for me, those Rites have brought that balance. They have allowed me to be able to find myclear all those things that perhaps would havethe karmic pieces that would have taken me in a different direction. The genetic pieces. I mean, physically, these Rites… I firmly believe… have a hand in allowing us to not carry on the genetic pre-dispositions of our families. And they shift that. We are able to grow that new body. We are able to see things differently.

For me, I had in my family… My father has an early onset of Alzheimers disease. And I knew that was in my genetics, I guess. And the Rites come in and they help shift that. We shift that by shifting our physical body. And we know now that epigenetics… We can talk about it in that scientific way. Those things outside of us and those are the Rites that come in… help make a difference in what genes we turn on. What genes we turn off.

So, I firmly believe these Rites keep us in a state of balance, which keeps us in a state of health… physical health. So, for me, that is how I have felt them, so much. And really held me in service. I am so committed to being in service to the planet and my fellow human beings and the world.

DONNA: It seems like so much of what we call psychological break down really amounts to spiritual breakdown. And I found that to be true. With the anxiety issues… It really boils down to spirituality. When we feel whole, a lot of that stuff just dissipates on its own.

KAREN: Absolutely. And I work over at the sanctuary in Sedona. Its an integrated treatment center. Some of the other teachers from Four Winds work here, as well. We work with a lot of people who suffer from not only from substance addictions but like you said, PTSD and anxiety. All of those things, and it really isour approach and the way we see this, and the way Alberto sees this, is that its soul sickness.

Its soul loss and all of those things that we do, to try to feel whole are just that. They are just coping strategies to help us deal with that. But when the Rites come in, and we do pass The Rites on to a lot of our clients… As those Rites come in and those Seers Rites help us perceive things differently and really connect our heart and our head to be in our body… Many times, connecting to the earth and balancing our feminine and our masculine… It does so much to shift all of that, that is in the mental and the psychological.

DONNA: And so, weve been talking about the Munay-ki, which is based upon The Nine Initiatory Practices of the Shamans of Peru?


DONNA: Originally, The Indus Valley. And if weve piqued the interest of our listeners, we will have your information. You are based in Sedona. Do you administer these Rites? Where does someone go if they are so inclined, for ways to pursue these teachings? And to maybe receive these Rites?

KAREN: Thats a great question and Id like to share several ways, Through the Four Winds. I teach for the Four Winds, so we teach the Munay-ki. So, the Rites are passed on for free. Always passed on for free. But what we do, is we offer a whole work shop that allows people to learn how to embody the Rites and pass them on to others. So certainly, at our program at Four Winds… you can check the Four Winds website for when that class is held. Usually twice a year. And we have a site called And that site will give a listing of people who have received the Rites and can pass them on to others all over the world. So, that is the great resource. And I personally pass the Rites on, too. You can find me here in Sedona. I have a web site Coralserpent, or you can find me through Four Winds. Im with the teaching staff and also a practitioner with Four Winds. You can find me on thefourwinds website, as well.

DONNA: Wonderful. Well, Karen it was just a delight. Thank you so much for sharing these sacred gems. These teachings that have been guarded for so many centuries and millennia, and kept secret until the 60’s.

KAREN: It is my honor. I just have to give so much respect and thank you to Alberto for bringing these Rites down. And for the Q’ero being willing for them to come out. Alberto likes to say, “It wasnt my choice.” It was given to me and this is what Im supposed to do. And we are all in such gratitude that he would bring that out. And that we can all have this and receive this and share it with the world. And like I said, its all over the world so, my honor and such a pleasure to be here, and be able to share the wisdom.

DONNA: You are a vessel of this wisdom.

KAREN: Thank you so much.

DONNA: Thank you!

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Karen-Hoza-awakenKaren Hoza is an Energy Medicine practitioner and Reike Master, trained by Dr. Alberto Villoldo. She is a graduate of The Four Winds Light Body School and also holds their Master Certification. Karen is currently working as an Alternative and Complementary Health Counselor at The Sanctuary at Sedona, an integrative addiction recovery and trauma healing center. Karen incorporates creativity in all aspects of her healing work, and loves spending time bellydancing and gardening.

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