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Keeping Fit And Active At 40 – Kate Middleton’s Top Fitness Regime & Surprising Diet Secrets

Although our bodies do lose bone density as we age (metabolism slows, hormone levels drop, etc.), it is never too late to be the best versions of ourselves. ..


The best information for staying active, healthy, and fit in your 40s and beyond comes from Kate Middleton. Let’s look at the top 5 secrets to the Duchess of Cambridge’s youthful appearance and athletic body while caring for her three children and juggling a busy schedule as she celebrated her 40th birthday this year:

# It all starts with your mindset
This first one appears simple, but in practice, it can be challenging. You need to ignore any messages that tell you that any goal is unattainable after your 20s and 30s. Today, the game has changed in terms of how we perceive any age – we now have incredible access to healthcare, wellness supplements and products, and even societal norms.

According to reports, Kate enjoys doing absolutely everything. She runs, swims, does HIIT, and yoga, and she appears to understand the benefits of keeping a positive mindset. So, if there’s one major Duchess-approved takeaway, it’s that you should never be afraid to change up your routine in order to keep things interesting and fresh.

# Performing Daily Planks
Kate loves doing planks for a good reason. Planking, when done correctly, strengthens several muscle groups in one movement, including your abs, hamstrings, and glutes. She holds each move for 45 seconds before repeating it 10 times. Building and maintaining muscle as we age is critical to keeping our bones strong because muscle mass begins to decline with age, so incorporating resistance training into your routine is extremely beneficial.

# Yoga and Pilates help you stay flexible and strong
Stretching and flexibility exercises are especially important as we age because our muscles and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments stiffen. Kate swears by yoga to stay flexible. Thousands of years of anecdotal and research-based evidence support yoga’s ability to reduce stress, promote mindfulness, and more.

In addition, Kate enjoys Pilates and said to use it to improve her posture. Pilates, which is influenced by ballet and yoga, can stretch and strengthen muscles while having little impact on joints, making it another excellent flexibility-boosting workout.

Thankfully, these two workouts are simple to perform at home, you can either look up for instructional videos on YouTube or choose a certified trainer for the best results.

# Get the most out of your cardio by mixing it up
Cardio keeps the heart rate up, resulting in increased fat burning and stamina.

The Duchess is frequently seen cycling, running, and swimming, all of which are excellent aerobic exercises. Changing things up keeps things interesting and challenges different muscle groups.

Even if you don’t have time every day, try sneaking in some walking, skipping, or even dancing after each meal to get your heart rate up.

# There is nothing better than some fish and spicy curries
Nutritional food helps to stay in shape and optimise the muscle. We know that Kate loves to keep healthy with a balanced diet full of antioxidant-rich smoothies in the morning and afternoon, prefers homecooked meals with nutritious ingredients, but has admitted she enjoys spicy curries and favours a diet of raw food, low-carb and high-protein dishes in addition to being a fan of ceviche – raw fish cured in citrus juices – and sushi.

From fashion inspiration to parenting advice, many people look to Kate Middleton for everything, but what truly sets her apart is her famously healthy lifestyle, which we all can certainly learn from. Fitness declines as you age, but the key is to embrace yourself, do what feels right, and appreciate your body as you age!

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