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Quotes by Cheryl Richardson

  1. “I will take a pie in the face any time for a worthy cause.”
  2. “A lot of times we set ourselves up to fail. It’s interesting. A lot of times the resolutions we choose are the ones, like you said in the opening, we keep breaking over and over again. Sometimes it reflects parts of ourselves that we really need to accept instead of trying to change.”
  3. “So let’s say you realize that you are never going to be a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. person. You’re not cut out for that sort of typical work environment. The benefit might be that if you embrace that and say I need to be self-employed or I need to be doing more project-oriented work. Identify the benefits — I’d be more productive. I’d be happier. The people around me would be happier because my mood would be better. When you identify the benefits of accepting the behavior or habit, you actually give leverage to it and give yourself a better chance of sticking with it.”
  4. “It may just be that a true wake-up call creates a true shift in consciousness. My wake-up call left me no choice. I had to make dramatic changes. Sometimes changes just happen within you, it is the way you approach things. Everything else stays the same.”
  5. “Time is a created thing. To say I DON’T HAVE TIME is like saying I DON’T WANT TO DO IT.”
  6. “There is nothing heavier than the burden of potential”
  7. “The possibility for rich relationships exists all around you—you simply have to open your eyes, open your mouth and most importantly, open your heart.”
  8. “To practice Extreme Self-Care, you must learn to love yourself unconditionally, accept your imperfections, and embrace your vulnerabilities.”
  9. “The ego has one agenda,” Louise tells me now. “It wants to be right, and it has a habit of trying to justify its position. It searches for an angle where the other person is clearly wrong. It’s a simple idea to think that focusing on a positive outcome or putting love into the situation could work, but it does. In your case, instead of affirming the problem by continuing to complain or argue, you just smiled inwardly, sent your husband love, and discovered that it works!”
  10. “Only good lies before me.”
  11. “Life loves you!”
  12. “Think thoughts that make you feel good, make choices that make you feel good, and take actions that make you feel good.”
  13. “Everything happens for a reason or Everything is perfect are beliefs born from a decision to see life as a school-room. When we choose to become students of life who learn and grow from our experiences, everything does, in fact, happen for a reason. In this way, we make our most difficult moments mean something by using them to our spiritual advantage.”
  14. “When we think good thoughts, we feel good. When we feel good, we make good choices. When we feel good and make good choices, we draw more good experiences into our lives. It really is that simple … and elegant … and true.”
  15. “The most powerful tool that I can share with you to transform any situation is the power of blessing with love,” she emphasizes. “No matter where you work or how you feel about the place, bless it with love.”
  16. “If people get ahold of their day, they get ahold of their life.”
  17. “We need to put the idea of “self-care as selfish” behind us for good.”
  18. “A hunger for more “things” is born from spiritual deprivation.”
  19. “Everything that occurs in your life is in direct connection to the thoughts you think, the words you speak, and the actions you take.”
  20. “Once again I’m reminded that good self-care begins with caring for our thoughts.”
  21. “We are powerful, creative beings who determine our future with every thought we think and every word we speak.”
  22. “The messages we give ourselves day in and day out deepen a groove in the mind, giving them more power. And they also transmit energy out into the world, drawing back to us the very thing we focus on.”
  23. “While science may ignore anecdotal evidence from people who experience the healing or creative power of thought, the stories are important. They are harbingers of change, catalysts for a shift in consciousness that will ultimately shape the way we live.”
  24. “I’ve always been the kind of person who takes risks. After all, when you reach out to Life, Life always seems to reach back.”
  25. “Nature is a powerful healing force that always brings me comfort and peace. I feel protected and connected to Divine Love in the presence of animals, trees, flowers and the sea.”


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