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Awaken Interviews Candi Cane Cooper Pt 2 – We Are All Energy All Connected

Donna Quesada: What do you think it would take to bring about the kind of change that would be globally felt? Where do you start?


Candi Cane Cooper: Well, as much as I hate the pandemic that we are living through right now, I think its giving a good kick start to it, with the meat shortage and people realizing that these viruses are coming from eating the animals. And even though it was supposedly a bat… we have many diseases from birds. The bird flu, swine… All of those come from the animals. So, if you think about it, you are putting yourself at risk but again… How do we get them to see that? I dont know what its going to take. I think just… Im very glad to see it become more of an everyday situation. The fast food places are carrying this now. Beyond Burger. ‘Cause I can grab one every once in a while. I think people are feeling less intimidated. What is it? Let me try it. Its a Burger King. Lets give it a shot. I hope we just keep pushing forward with our message. I dont believe in being passive. I dont believe in being a “nice vegan”… I don’t believe in that philosophy. I dont think it works.

DONNA: What does work?

CANDI: I can say, for the people I have changed in my life, I put some pretty aggressive posts up on social media and I get a lot of private messages and people say to me “you changed me, thank you. Your posts have changed me to open my eyes to see.” I put up pictures. They have to see it. People just dont make that connection. They just dont connect it because it comes in a nice little Styrofoam package. They dont realize that it was alive.

DONNA: So, using social media as a platform.

CANDI: Always. And when I do an interview, I always try to throw in my veganism. Whether they like it or not because why not? And again, I think, being aggressive. People say “dont be that Vegan.” Well, its that animal’s life that is sitting on the plate there! They dont care if you are aggressive or not. They died for that meat. What more can you say, that animal died so you can have lunch? Whats that about?

DONNA: By “aggressive,” you dont mean physical aggression, you just mean making a point.

CANDI: No, not physical. Im a peace-loving hippy. No, not… People say “be passive. Dont be intimidating. Dont be aggressive when people confront you about being Vegan.” Yeah, Im not very nice about that. I speak up for the animals.

DONNA: Now, you are an animal communicator. You communicate with animals in the here and now as well as the beyond. What is the beyond? Thats a deep question but what happens when we pass over?

CANDI: Yes, I pretty much travel there every day. It just happened to me naturally with my work. When my client, years ago, asked me to talk to her animal beyond, and I said, “lets try it”… and Ive had my own visions and my own impressions when I travel at night. I move from energy to spirit… visit different places personally, but never tried to connect it back to here. And it was very successful and after that time, that door was just wide open for me. And its very beautiful there. It can be very different. When I go there, it is always natural. Nature. And the animals are always very happy there. Its absolutely beautiful. They are energy. I see them in their bodies because my mind transfers it into a picture. But obviously, they are just energy on the other side.

DONNA: So, Its just energy?

CANDI: Its beautiful energy meshed back with the universe. They travel back and forth. They come visit occasionally. Sometimes they are with friends on the other side… new friends. Humans that Ive never met. I had an animal last year meet up with one of my clients great-grandmothers that he had never met. It was beautiful and I saw her face and she said “Oh, that is grandma.” And then they talked and I was in the middle. It was beautiful. It was really nice. I do see humans on the other side, too.

DONNA: Candi, Im going to have you scoot over just a bit. Thank you. So, you see energy and you hear their voices in embodiment, from when they were in material form?

CANDI: Correct. I know is sounds crazy.

DONNA: And so, in that sense, we really are just energy?

CANDI: Yes, we are all energy. All connected. And I think once we realize that, its a big step to being awakened. We are all in our little ego compartments here. Its very tough to break through that with most people. Once they release the ego, they feel that the door just flies right open.

DONNA: And we can touch the spirit world. What is ego to you?

CANDI: Again, I think it’s just… we all… from childhood, for some reason… we were brought up in this society. Selfishness. Me, myself and I. What am I going to do today, for me?  What am I going to do for myself? How am I going to achieve this? How am I going to be able to buy that? How am I going to excel? Im not talking about school or things like that. Im just talking about in the adult world. Just very self-centered. All about yourself.

DONNA: And whats in it for me?

CANDI: And no compassion. And unfortunately… well, this week we are seeing a big change with the movement and all the peace marches, which I love. But we have been in a very sterile society for the last few years. A lack of compassion. Aggressiveness. Everybody being separated. Everybody in their own little worlds… little bubbles and also social media. You can surround yourself in your own little bubble if you choose to and not look outside at whats really going on with the other side.

DONNA: You know, its funny. I teach the eastern traditional philosophies. All of the masters of old have always said that is what enlightenment is. Its getting beyond that sense of separation. You used those words quite naturally. You stumbled upon it… that ego keeps us in this bubble of separation. And awakening, or “enlightenment” or whatever word you choose to use, is getting into that space of oneness and connection.

CANDI: Exactly. That is beautiful that you teach that. One of my clients asked me on Live Blog a couple of weeks ago, “Have I ever cleansed my pineal gland?” Thats fascinating, right? And I know all about it but I never… So, I looked it up on the internet… what it was. And basically, I already do all of that. I said, “I don’t mean to disappoint you but I just naturally… eating right… meditation…” All of this. Opening up your third eye. I do like to get acupuncture. And I always ask to get the needle between my eyes.

DONNA: I love that you went there because I wanted to ask you about this. The telepathic ability to communicate with energetic forms and with other species… Did it fall upon you naturally or you were simply sensitive to that? Whereas many people meditate so as to open that third eye and develop that telepathic awareness, and to cultivate that skill that they naturally have. But that is something that happens from years of meditation. Cultivate that heightened state of awareness, even to the point of being able to communicate telepathically… and you simply fell upon that skill.

CANDI: And I also have to say, what helped me a lot… I was studying at one point to do hypnotherapy for humans. I was taught it very uniquely. I was taught hypnosis in trance. I had a very unique professor who worked with me and I loved it. We did a lot of different experiments. He put me in trance. He Hypnotized me. And he would send me out in trance, and we would see what would happen and we did a lot of fun things. And I loved it. I feel like that opened me up even more.

But I get asked all the time, “how can I do what you do? Do you teach it?” And I see a lot of people try to teach animal communication, and honestly, that is not a good thing. I feel that they are just taking money from these people and are not really doing them a service. I feel that you can develop it all on your own. And I talk a lot about that in my new book. I give some different things that you can do at home to practice… to open up your pineal gland and all that kind of stuff. We all have the capability, I feel. I was just born a little bit luckier because I already had it. Im a little more fine-tuned into that frequency. But I feel that we all have it. Its just atrophied over the years because who uses it?

DONNA: And we are not taught to listen to our intuition, anyway.

CANDI: Exactly. I just got chills. People think that its some kind of weird thing. That is your subconscious telling you what you should be doing.

DONNA: I have a personal interest in channelling and Im wondering about the things you referred to… your hypnotherapy involved channelling or outer-body experiences or time traveling or things of that nature?

CANDI: Yes, all of the above.

DONNA: See, Im fascinated with channelling. I was able to cultivate that, but if Im not meditating consistently then it tends to subside… to tap into that frequency, as you call it.

CANDI: And its just like a muscle, I tell my clients. Its a muscle. And the more you exercise it, the easier it flows. I tell my new clients, “dont worry, Im not flying in on my purple cape. Im not looking at a crystal ball. Im here in my Yoga pants and my tank top in my office, and now we are going to talk to your animal on the other side. So, get ready!”

DONNA: I wanted to ask you… How can we education people, not only towards their pets… we talked about this a few minutes ago, to some extent, about making a change… But you see shows like The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan… How do you feel about these methods? Or the common methods of working with out pets? And how can we do better? Because I know thats part of the reason that you are called. People want to make changes with their pets and sometimes it doesnt go well. They take their pets to the shelters. Those situations could have been saved.

CANDI: Exactly. 90 percent of my work is behavior issues. And most of the time its emotional. Sometimes the animal is in pain and the owner has no idea what is wrong with the animal. I do all these little check-ins with my clients where they just hit me up with a text. I can check right back in. Her horse wasnt feeling good. Should you ride him? Whats wrong? Stomach ache today. Its just that simple. So, dont ride him. She gave him some medication. 20 minutes later, hes feeling better. But people like Cesar Milan, I have absolutely no respect for.

DONNA: Why is that?

CANDI: Ive seen his work and It’s fear based. He always talks about being the alpha leader. Ive never had an animal in my life that wanted you to be the leader. Never. They want to be your partner. They dont want to be submissive. Yes, you can definitely train an animal that will be fear based. But one day, they are going to take revenge on you. And its not going to be pretty. They are just going to explode and I know. Weve all seen it many times. The animals go wild. It builds up and builds up.

DONNA: What is the best approach? Well, if you cant call me for a session. Look at the bigger picture, thats what I always say. Peoples egos get in the way. Here is a little example… I get this all the time. The cat defecated on the bed. So, the client calls me up and says “why is the cat angry at me? What did I do? I punished him for that. I cant have that on my bed where I sleep.”

But the whole reason that the animal did that is not out of anger. Not out of revenge. Most of the time its out of anxiety. And the reason they are attracted to the bed is because of the pheromones. Our bed. Think about it. We sleep in it every night.  And that is like the safe place. It smells like mommy, daddy. And the defecating is from nervousness. So, the cat is not thinking to itself, Im going to get some revenge and poop on the bed. Its going to get them really mad. That is not what they are thinking at all. Animals dont work like that. They arent wired like that. But we take it and put our own dialogue on it.

And so, the main thing Im going to say is… take it again out of your ego. Why is my animal so aggressive to me? Its not about you unless you are hurting your animal. Now, if you are hurting your animal, you are going to know it. And you deserve to be hurt by them. Yes. They are going to take revenge on you. They are going to defend themselves. But they only do it in defense. Not out of retribution.

DONNA: So, its not “revenge” in the human sense, its more just a fear-based reaction?

CANDI: Yes. Yeah. And if an animal is attacking, its just out of defense. Fear. Fear based. And that other type of training that Cesar does with these other trainers… all fear based. An Alpha leader. Im your Alpha Leader.

DONNA: He flips them.

CANDI: Oh my gosh, yes. Its terrible. That training method is awful.

DONNA: What has been your greatest challenge in any of your house calls?

CANDI: Weve had a lot of challenges. Im just going to go with one of my most current. Because there have been so many over the years. This just comes to mind, right now. I was working with a very famous dog. T.V. movie actor dog, and his human caretaker. And also, his aunt, the caretakers sister. And we were there to euthanize him that day. He was very ill. And it was time for him to go. He was ready to go. I work with a vet here in LA. We work hand in hand together. I work as the spiritual advisor and they are the licensed veterinarian just for euthanasia. And I do a lot of this work… crossing over and escorting these animals to the other side.

On the flip side, that is my biggest honor… to be their escort to the other side. And we had a situation where we were all there. And the dog asked me if he could just be alone with the aunt and not the owner. It was very hard because again, I felt the ego of the owner was challenged. Why does my dog want to be with my sister at this crucial time when Im euthanizing him? And here I am in the middle. But I had to speak his wishes. I said, “you really need to let him spend time alone with her.” Honestly, he wasnt even into having his main human caretaker there when the injections were done. He really just wanted to be with the aunt. But we had to kind of make peace. He spent time alone with the aunt. It was very nice. He told her some private things. They shared some very intimate things together. And then we called the main human caretaker back in when we were ready to begin the process.

DONNA: Do the animals know what is happening?

CANDI: Yes, they do. They do like me to explain the process to them… the injections… but they all know about the other side. And they all look forward to it. Its not the end for them. Its a continuation of their energy.

DONNA: There is no death?

CANDI: No death for them. Its not a sad time at all. The only thing that makes them sad is us.

DONNA: Do you still get sad? Or, knowing that there is no death… does that help you get past that?

CANDI: I only get sad for the humans because I know its very hard for them. And some of them deal with it better than others. Some of them, not so well. I always try to tell them that the pain never really, is going to go away. I hate it when people say “only time is going to heal you.” Not really. How is time going to heal you? That animal is missing from your life now. That is something that you are going to learn to live with. But you are not going to get over it. Why would you want to get over it? You want to remember that animal always. You dont want to get over it or forget them. So, its very unique. So, that was very hard for me because it was a very tense situation between the two sisters. But we worked it out and most importantly, we made the dog happy.

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Candi Cane Cooper is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator and author who has been helping animals and owners all over the planet to coexist in harmony. The best way to solve any issues with your animal is to simply have a conversation with it and Candi has the ability to do so.

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