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Awaken Interviews Candi Cane Cooper Pt 3 – AfterLife Of Animals

Donna Quesada: And what was your greatest accomplishment in your mission?


Candi Cane Cooper: Im just going to say that I am so grateful to be living this life that I live. Every single day is a new day filled with my animals, my clients, my own animals. I dont know if its accomplishment. Everyday I feel that I get to put my little scratch, my little mark on the world. That, for me, is my greatest accomplishment every single day. Maybe making that line a little longer, a little deeper. Its very small but nonetheless.

DONNA: Its not so small. You founded 911 Rescue. Tell us about it.

CANDI: Yes, I did. That was an amazing process. I was doing an undercover video for anti-slaughter one day, with a friend of mine from the news. Horses… She has a hidden camera in her purse. And I had just worked at the track that morning, actually… at the race track. And then we went on to a feed-lot where its a holding facility, where the animals are held before they are shipped off illegally to slaughter from California. We were in Chino. And when I pulled up, this one horse was screaming her head off at me. Crazy. Telepathically. “Come over here, Come over here.” So, I ran to her. She was full, pregnant and skinny. Horrible. Like you see the starving women in other countries. And she said, “Help me, help me. Im going to have my baby.” I said, “When are you going to have your baby.” She said, “Im going to have my baby now.” And I said, “Im going to something to help you.”

And I told my friend that I couldnt do the video. Ive got to figure out how to save this horse right now. The owner came up and said, “What are you guys doing here?” So, we pretended like we were silly girls. “Oh, we just wanted to look at the horses… the pretty horses.” My friend from the news… she’s quite attractive, so she just played the little baby doll thing for him. It was very good. And I said, “Would you ever sell this horse?” And he said “Its going to get sold.” I said, “How much?” He said, “40 cents a pound.” I said, “Really? So how much would that be?” “Probably like… 400 dollars.” I said, “What if I buy it?” He said, “You dont want that horse. Shes not even going to make it. That baby isnt even going to be born.” I said, “Maybe I do. Can I have your phone number?”

So, he reluctantly gave me his phone number. This is back in the days of My Space. I went on My Space and said “SOS! I need to save this horse. Can anybody help me? What are we going to do?” And that night, I raised $800 dollars. It was 2009. That was when we had the other crash. Nobody had any money. I cant believe it. So, I called up my girlfriend with a trailer and said, “Tomorrow we are going to go out and pick up this pregnant horse.” We went to the bank. 800 dollars in my pocket. And we drove up there and my heart sunk. I didnt see her. I thought she already went to slaughter. And I ran out into the field and there she was. And sure enough, the baby had just been born. It was alive. And I said, “Im here, Im going to take her.” He said, “You dont want that baby. Its not going to live.” ‘Oh no, no. I want that baby. ‘How much for the baby? ‘$800”. The universe provides. What did I have in my pocket? 800 dollars! “Put them both in my trailer.”

I drove them home. And I said to my partner, “we are starting a non-profit, today.” And that is how Adoption 911, The Sweetwater Ranch… is the official name… got started. And she only lived about a year. We had to let her go from complications. But I still have Jazz. Baby Jasmin.

DONNA: You still have the baby.

CANDI: Shell be with me forever. Shes tattooed on me. Her picture is right there. Baby Jazz is the red one.  And there is her mom, the Palomino.

DONNA: Such a good story.

CANDI: We have rescued and adopted over 600 horses and farm animals since 2009.

DONNA: Since 2009, you have rescued 600 horses and farm animals… and adopted them back out. I know Gentle Barn does something similar.


DONNA: Are you friends with them or is it a similar kind of a place?

CANDI: Yes, they do similar kind of work. I dont network with them, but yes.

DONNA: Can people visit your ranch?

CANDI: No, its private. Because we just do adoptions, one by one, these days. Weve slowed down… fortunately… unfortunately… as my career has escalated. My time and devotion to the rescue has dissipated. So, pretty much now, I do one on one adoption and rescue.

DONNA: So, that means that the 600 animals that you have rescued through the years and probably more, shifting through the years… do you re-home them?

CANDI: They have all been re-homed, yes. Those are animals that we rescued and re-homed.

DONNA: Okay, so… to ranches or people that have horses?

CANDI: Private. Yes. Goats, sheep, horses… we do a few dogs… some cats… other farm animals, too. Chickens, rabbits… things like that. Whatever comes across our path.

DONNA: And I suppose you have permanent residents? Not only Jazz?

CANDI: Yes, but right now, we dont have too big of a household. We just have dogs and horses.

DONNA: I guess to allow visitors, you would have to have a staff?

CANDI: I used to. I used to have a bigger facility with a full-time staff. But again, that was full time for me. It had to be. I couldnt delegate. I didnt do very well in that area.

DONNA: So, its just a re-homing venture now?

CANDI: Im a micro-manager when I host people. I tried, but it didnt work. So, now we just do one on one because of my career with my communication work. It pretty much takes up every day, all day for me. And so, my focus has shifted.

DONNA: Because you make house calls?

CANDI: I make house calls, yeah, and through time, just more and more clients. So, what can I say? Im in that direction pretty much full time.

DONNA: And you also found time to write a book.

CANDI: Yes, I did.

DONNA: Tell us about your book. I dont have it yet and Id like to have a copy. Its called The Afterlife of Animals.

Candi: Here it is. I have to promote it for a minute. I was so excited to do this. I got asked. I never dreamed in a million years that I would be writing a book. I got asked to write this from the publishers. They got in contact with me and it was just the most enjoyable experience. And Im really excited about it because it hasnt even gone on sale yet. It will go on sale on June 23rd. But for the last three weeks, its been in pre-sale and my book is rated #1 on Amazons hot pick!

DONNA: Congratulations! What was your mission with the book? Do you just tell your personal stories? Who is the book for and what do you hope to accomplish with the book?

CANDI: The book is for everybody. Everybody that has an animal. Its for all the animals. Not just dogs and cats. Its for everything. Its full of personal stories from my sessions. Good and bad. The heartache. The Joy. The pain of losing an animal. Also, I teach how to prepare for it. Not to be not aware of it… what to look for. And also, my stories of talking with animals on the other side. Also, I give… I hate to be the teacher, but I give examples of how to meditate, how to open up your mind and be more in tune with your animals, by practicing and practicing and practicing. I also give rituals. Ive got all kinds of stuff in it. How to find your soul spirit guide… I mean, I was just thinking of all these questions that my clients ask me. What are the most popular questions? So, you put those all in a book. And also, the signs… I found a feather today. I saw a Dolphin. I saw a Crow. What does that mean? So, I tried to put all of that into this book.

DONNA: Now, you mentioned meditation. Do you have a practice that keeps you on your game or tuned-in?

CANDI: Absolutely. I meditate twice a day. I meditate every night before I go to sleep. I open up and if any of the animals have something to say… Sometimes, my clients come to me with messages for their humans. And then, I have to get up and text them, “Oh, Junior wants more hay tonight.” Or “Ruby needs another blanket.” Whatever. They bother me, but thats okay. I don’t mind. No charge for collect calls! Those are free.

So, I do that every night before I go to sleep. And then again, every morning before I get out of bed. Because I do a lot of traveling stuff at night. So, I clear my mind and I start fresh. Every single day. To do my work, I have to be calm and clear. That way I can do my best work.

DONNA: Is it just a silent sitting or a special meditative practice? Did you learn from a teacher?

CANDI: No, I didnt learn it from a teacher. I just do it myself. I just go inward and just do my own form of relaxation. Nothing very complicated. Actually, its in my book. Its very simple. You dont have to chant or burn incense. I mean, you can. It helps. Sometimes these tools… and I talk about them… they are helpful to get people in the framework of it. People feel like they need things. Its not harmful. It cant hurt. But you dont really need to have all of that.

DONNA: Just getting still and getting in touch within you…

CANDI: Quiet. Thats it. Dont focus on anything. Just quiet. Quiet and empty. Empty the day out to start fresh and just let it all go, basically. Its so simple. I sound so simple. You know what I mean.

DONNA: We make it so complicated. And I remember when I interviewed someone once and they said something similar. “Just be quiet.

CANDI: Right, you dont have to chant. You dont have to do all that. I do give the tools because again, I think for beginners, its helpful. It makes them feel like they have all their stuff to make something happen. It doesnt take away from it, but its not necessary.

DONNA: And being so connected to the frequency of spirit, as you are… What does God mean to you? Is there a place for prayer?

CANDI: I do believe that all religions are good religions. I dont believe that there is just one. I do believe that we are one tribe. Personally, I tend to go to the Native American mind set. And the Tao. But I feel that there is room for prayer always. And again, I feel that every religion is beautiful and offers something for everybody.

DONNA: We are of similar mind. I love to say that “all rivers lead to the sea.” And all of them have that beautiful pearl of wisdom, if we just look for it.

CANDI: Thats beautiful. I agree with you 100%.

DONNA: Is there anything that I didnt ask, or is there anything else that you would like to share with the members of the Awaken Community? And I know that everyone is going to love what you shared about getting closer to the animals. Is there anything else youd like to share?

CANDI: Well, Im just going to share this, which I always end my videos with… that when you are talking with your animals, remember to speak with your mind and not your mouth.

DONNA: Heart!

CANDI: Yes, your heart. Exactly.

DONNA: Do people call you “Dr. Doolittle?

CANDI: All the time. I dont mind. I quite like it.

DONNA: When you mention talking to the animals.

CANDI: Ms Doolittle to you! Because when I do go in the room and there are a lot of animals. It is just like that. I hear them all chattering away at me. Its pretty crazy.

DONNA: Its a beautiful gift and I thank you for sharing your life and the way that you use that gift with the animals… to help the animals with their human friends.

CANDI: Thank you. I appreciate that and thank you for giving me this platform to share it, once again.

DONNA: Thank you, Candi Cane. It was a pleasure. Thank you for this hour!

CANDI: Thank you. Peace.

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Candi Cane Cooper is an internationally acclaimed Animal Communicator and author who has been helping animals and owners all over the planet to coexist in harmony. The best way to solve any issues with your animal is to simply have a conversation with it and Candi has the ability to do so.

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