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Consciously Awake Women Love Sex

by Kelly Marceau: Let’s get one thing straight. Women LOVE sex. So, if you ever hear a woman talking about sex like it’s a chore…


as if she’d rather vacuum or tidy up the house—she’s having THE WRONG KIND OF SEX.

Contrary to popular belief women are not less sexual than men. We’re wired differently. While many men can get an erection and go from zero to hero in less than five minutes, most women need a whole heck of a lot more than that to feel sexually satisfied. Men, do you want to see your woman’s body convulsing in orgasms? Do you want to hear her screaming roars of ecstasy so loud that the neighbours can hear?

Then listen up: If you want to be the kind of lover that makes your woman never forget you, it’s time to seriously educate yourself on the Art of Sex. This means knowing how to give a woman mind-blowing orgasms—both with your tongue and your, well, Prince Charming.

Women are drawn to capable men who actually care about what they do and how they do it. Have you ever heard the phrase, “You get out what you put in?” It’s true. If you want a good lover, you’ve got to become a good lover yourself. Consciously Awake women need more than physical sex. The physical is only one level. The next level—the level we deeply desire—is energetic. It’s an exploration of connection, energy, passion, and transcendental states. This type of sex is cosmic.

So, if you’re new to the concept of Consciously Awake Sex, I’ll explain quickly. You are more than your physical body. In addition to what you understand as your body (head, arms, feet, organs, etc.), you possess energetic bodies as well. Everyone does. Because of these bodies’ existence, physical sex will only take you so far. It’s surface level with very little depth.

This is the type of sex most everyone is having (if any), as it doesn’t require much skill. Sex is complex. It’s so complex that the idea you know what sex is solely because you can functionally “do it”, leads to mediocre sex. And mediocre sex gets real friggin’ boring after awhile.

This is the type of sex anyone can have. It’s boring. Not everyone has the balls, wherewithal or courage to dive in and learn what it takes to connect energetically with a woman during sex. To experience and explore the depths of another, you have to get beyond the physical and into the other energetic bodies. That’s when you tap into and become the states of ecstasy and pleasure you once thought existed only in dreams.

So, men, if this is what you want: women who crave you sexually and orgasms that shake the walls, then read on. I’m about to hand you the blueprint to what you need to know exactly what Consciously Awake women want sexually from men.

What Consciously Awake Women Want Sexually From Men Emotionally Open Men:

First and foremost: we want, more than anything else in the world, men who live with an open heart. We don’t want men who act like women. We want men who have energy freely flowing through them. Most men are living their lives closed off. And we’ll never be able to experience the energetically connected sex we crave with these types of men. An erection is not enough to make us feel the depth of your energetic being as a man nor connect us to higher planes. We need to feel energy emanating from your body. And this requires you to open your heart. You might be wondering, what the hell does that feel like? It’s electric.

Suddenly we are not just physical bodies anymore. Even though we’re still having a physical experience, we’re also having an energetic experience that expands far beyond our bodies into infinity. Men who are disassociated, depressed, have sexual hang ups, and emotional issues are hard to feel energetically. Although penis size does matter to some degree—especially for women who have caves or tunnels for vaginas—a man, who’s connected to his energy source and his soul, can connect us to the energetic plane.

When two people connect energetically, not just physically, MAGIC happens. Energy pulses and quivers at high vibrational frequencies as it courses through our body making sex a complete body high. Consciously Awake sex transcends basic sex on ALL LEVELS. It’s raw. It’s primal. Men: you must be willing to dive into the fire of your souls. That’s the “how-to” on opening your heart. Therapy and coaching connect you to a deeper purpose. Live from this place.

Passion: Sex is Art A man who has vision sees sex as art. And ladies: you shouldn’t even go out with men who lack vision or creativity. Passionate men cannot be underrated. A man who pursues his desires passionately says far more about him as a lover than you can imagine. We want this type of man. A passionate man who invests himself wholeheartedly into the things he desires to do well.

A passionate lover will have conscious hands. He looks deep into our eyes and connects to every square inch of our bodies. We will feel his energy in his hands. His energy courses its way into our skin, down into our blood, deep into our heart and soul. As a new lover to a woman, you must take time to explore what she (as an individual) wants. Well-trained lovers know she is not like every other woman. They will listen to her pulse, feel the rhythms of her body, and tune-in to her energy.

A man who doesn’t know how to connect to your energetic body cannot produce this level of connection. Connecting energetically requires one to know how to get beyond the surface of physical pleasure into the depth of your being. That kind of access is wooed and seduced, it’s not basic. Men who take pride in the skills they have will take the time, and treat your body like a temple.

These men are the kind of men that understand the alchemy of sexuality. If you are reading this and want to know how to connect to your energy or have Conscious Sex you have to educate yourself in any way possible about this process. There are countless resources online. Don’t just wait for someone to teach you, go figure it out.

Skills: Be the Best Lover You Can Be We have no patience for men who won’t invest their time and resources into understanding what it takes to be an amazing lover. A man who wants to be a good lover will be a good lover. Period. It’s neither mean nor cruel to want our men to be great men and great lovers, especially if we’re doing the work and investing in evolving ourselves. If you want a great lover, you too need to be a great lover.

If you don’t know how, don’t resort to porn. There are too many amazing resources available that will guide you down the rabbit hole of sexuality and love. Seek out what you want to be and experience it fully. All men need to learn how to be good lovers. Remember: knowing how to functionally have sex doesn’t mean you’re a good lover. A true lover is a giver. He also knows how to receive. He explores your body.

He seeks to understand what your body craves. He cares about your pleasure. Reciprocity is the key of being an artful lover. It’s a dance—an exchange of energy that is most balanced in reciprocity.

Variety: Value Different Positions “On top”, missionary, and “from behind” are not the end all-be all of sex. Be creative and adventurous. Learn what your woman loves: which positions work and why. What is she into? If you are adventurous or kinky don’t connect with someone who isn’t. You need to choose lovers that have the same level of openness as you do.

Remember: not all women are created equal. They’re diverse in how they feel. The shape of their vagina will make certain positions more pleasing for some over others. Mix it up. Experiment. Don’t get monotonous. If you have a hard time feeling her out, ASK QUESTIONS. Women like men who know what they are doing. We also like curiosity as it relates to our body.

Touch: Kiss, Feel, Breathe The three golden rules of sex: kiss, feel, and breathe. Kissing is one of the most erotic forms of sexuality and can fuel so much passion between lovers. Kissing alone can unlock energetic bodies. Feel into us. Let us feel your weight and your strength. We aren’t fragile. Let us feel your presence. Breathe. Don’t be in a hurry. Use your breath. Be intentional and connect on a much deeper level. A lot of people don’t have the patience to get beyond the physical. It takes practice and Conscious Awareness to unlock the layers of our bodies we keep blocked most of the time. Kissing, feeling, and breath can help us release the energetic body.

Intimacy: Connected Sex Quickies are fair game… SOME of the time. There’s always a time and a place. But Consciously Awake sex takes time. It takes practice and conditioning. You have to make time. This is sex. And whatever your excuses are for not having it need to disappear if you want to get beyond the mundane. True intimacy is not created while in a hurry. We live in a fast paced world. But that does not extend to us having jack-rabbit-esque speedy sex—or sex that ends with one person busting a nut while the other is left unsatisfied.

In order to connect energetically you have to become intentional with your focus on breath, touch, and kissing. There is healing and sensuality in touch. Don’t be in a hurry. Slowww dowwwwwwwn to get through sex. Let go of the usual focus on achieving orgasm. Slow down. Drop into the ENTIRE EXPERIENCE: the dance, exchange and mixing of energy, the alchemy of two souls aligning in physical ecstasy. Welcome to the realm of energetic and cosmic sex, and the land of multiple orgasms.

Try the Consciously Awake Route. You’ll thank me later. smile emoticon Peace. Love. And LOTS OF HOT CONSCIOUS SEX!

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Source: Sacred Dream Inspiration


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