Are you looking for evening tonic recipes?  Are you looking for things to do with fresh turmeric and/or turmeric powder or extract?


What about beverages for their potential anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, improved brain function, those to lower your risk of heart disease, help ease pain and/or depression, and possible cancer and Alzheimer prevention?(1)  In this recipe, I used the Turmeric Extract Powder available at The Raw Food World Shop!  It’s incredible!  But before we get to that recipe, let’s take a look at some of the benefits when it comes to Arthritis.

There are several different types of Arthritis, but most cases involve some sort of inflammation in the joints.(1)  Turmeric (Curcumin) is a potent anti-inflammatory that could help with arthritis.(1)  In a study of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, it was even more effective than anti-inflammatory drugs.(1)  Other studies show the effects of curcumin on arthritis and noted improvements in various symptoms.(1)

Without inflammation, pathogens like bacteria could easily take over our bodies and kill us.(1)  Acute/short-term inflammation is beneficial though it can become a major problem when it is chronic/long-term and inappropriately deployed against the body’s own tissues.(1)  Curcumin is a strong anti-inflammatory and is so powerful that it matches the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs according to sources.  It targets multiple steps in the inflammatory pathway at the molecular level.(1)


  • 1 C (Hot) Water
  • 1/2 t Ginger Powder (or 1/2 inch Fresh Ginger)
  • 1/2 t Turmeric Powder or Extract (or 1/2 inch Fresh Turmeric)
  • 1 T Raw Honey
  • Dash of Black Pepper


  1. Boil water.
  2. Add Ginger and Turmeric Powders.  Stir.
  3. Grab a teaspoon and cover in honey and set teaspoon in hot water mixture.
  4. Let it “melt” and stir.
  5. Note: If using fresh ginger and turmeric from the root, you could shred or mince it and strain.

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Source: Healthy Holistic Living