Awaken Mind – A Wonderful Servant and A Terrible Master

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The Man Who Made Shaolin

December 24th, 2022|

by Sifu Anthony: What do Cosmos Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu, and Zen Meditation have in common? Sure, they’re all energy arts, and they all came from the Shaolin Temple. But did you know that they also came [...]

  • Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba-awaken

Quotes by Maharaji Neem Karoli Baba

December 23rd, 2022|

"I am everybody's guru." "I don't want anything. I exist only to serve others." "I have no powers. I don't know anything." "I am the father of the world. The whole world is my child." [...]

Quotes by Margot Anand

December 22nd, 2022|

"The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss”. Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and [...]

Quotes by Joan Borysenko

December 22nd, 2022|

"May you be at peace, May your heart remain open, May you awaken to the light of your own true nature, May you be healed, May you be a source of healing for all beings." [...]

  • Life after life-awaken

Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander

December 21st, 2022|

The following is an excerpt from Proof of Heaven, the wonderful book by  Dr. Eben Alexander featuring an excellent account of his extraordinary near-death experience […]

  • Carl-Rogers-Awaken

Carl Rogers Experiences in Communication

December 20th, 2022|

by Carl Rogers: In the autumn of 1964, I was invited to be a speaker in a lecture series at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, one of the leading scientific institutions in the [...]

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Healing In Your Sleep

December 19th, 2022|

by Nick Polizzi: Ready for something personal?  Gulp! Here we go… […]

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6 Ways To Harness The Power Of The Sacred Feminine

December 16th, 2022|

by Shannon Kaiser: Humanity has neglected and disregarded the feminine for millennia. Embracing the Sacred Feminine is an indispensable contribution to the healing and transformation of the world… […]

  • Esther-Hicks--awaken

Are You Worthy?

December 16th, 2022|

by Esther and Jerry Hicks: Abraham speaks on the subject of our ideas of self-worth and our feelings about our actions… […]