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When The Ego Hijacks Mindfulness

April 5th, 2021|

by Ricky Derisz: It’s easy to find yourself thinking about being mindful rather than being mindful. Simply refocus, return to the present, and smile… […]

An Outlook Better Than Optimism?

March 28th, 2021|

by (Harvard Health): While looking at the sunny side of life offers a lot of light moments, there may be a better path to well-being… […]

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6 Steps For Creating Abundance

March 22nd, 2021|

by Deepak Chopra, M.D.: There shouldn’t be a gap between the abundance of Nature and the lack that many people feel in their lives… […]

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3 Steps To A Kinder Mind

March 21st, 2021|

by Kalia Kelmenson: How to cultivate and strengthen our capacity for kindness and compassion… […]

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Holding Focus During Stay-At-Home

March 18th, 2021|

by Deepak Chopra, M.D: With a record number of people either in lockdown or working from home, the incidence of depression and anxiety has sharply risen… […]

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Deepak and Oprah’s Shared Vision

March 16th, 2021|

by (Chopra): For thousands of years, people have used meditation to experience inner quiet and expanded awareness… […]

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Be Love Now – Ram Dass

March 5th, 2021|

by Ram Dass: Excerpted from Be Love Now by Ram Dass, Rameshwar Das… […]

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Psychedelics As Antidepressants

February 7th, 2021|

by Austin Lim: The treatments of the future may arise from a long-stigmatized class of drugs… […]

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Forget About Setting Goals. Focus On This Instead.

February 6th, 2021|

by James Clear: Prevailing wisdom claims that the best way to achieve what we want in life—getting into better shape, building a successful business, relaxing more and worrying less, spending more time with friends and [...]

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5 Practices For Nurturing Happiness – Thich Nhat Hahn

February 5th, 2021|

by Thich Nhat Hahn: “The essence of our practice can be described as transforming suffering into happiness,” says Thich Nhat Hanh. Here, he offers five practices to nourish our happiness daily… […]

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Going Beyond Being Stuck In Mindfulness

January 25th, 2021|

by Chad Foreman: Recently I’ve had a few meditation coaching clients that were essentially stuck in mindfulness and wanted to move forward… […]

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Latroit – Don’t Give Up ft Charlz

January 15th, 2021|

A meditative visual journey showcasing the Tai Chi practice of Master Zi over the backdrop of ‘Don’t Give Up’… […]

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How To Be More Compassionate: A Mindful Guide to Compassion

January 13th, 2021|

by (Mindful):  Through loving-kindness and practicing awareness, you can connect more deeply with both yourself and others. Explore our new guide to lean into kindness and cultivate compassion every day… […]

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Deep Purpose – David Deida

January 8th, 2021|

(Excerpted from David Deida’s interview in Common Ground magazine, February 2016.) […]

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Mindful Sex Part Two: Forget Goals

January 5th, 2021|

by Julie Peters: When the only goal of sex is pleasure through play for the sake of itself, we can surprise ourselves with how much is actually possible… […]