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The Gospel Of Mary Magdalene

November 26th, 2018|

by Cynthia Bourgeault: It is amazing that something so tiny could pack such a punch… […]

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The Practice Of Mastering Time

November 25th, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: The Practice of Mastering Time is the first lesson in The Way of the Sage… […]

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Cosmos In Stone

November 14th, 2018|

by Hélène Fleury: Hélène Fleury and a group of co-workers, the Association Archéologique Kergal, have made a study in depth of the European megalithic sites, especially in Brittany… […]

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The Nature Of Reality – Dr. Alberto Villoldo

November 4th, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: When I traveled to Peru for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the poverty and the beggars who would gather around me in the streets… […]

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8 Steps To Manifesting Your Desires

November 3rd, 2018|

by Roger Gabriel (Raghavanand): The ignorant man asks for material possessions, the intelligent man asks for enlightenment, but the wise man just loves and receives everything… […]

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The Four Ways Of The Hero – Dr. Alberto Villoldo

October 21st, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: The Four Insights are wisdom teachings that have been protected by secret societies of Earthkeepers, the medicine men and women of the Americas… […]

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The “New” Brain

October 14th, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: Last week we introduced the triune brain model… […]

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Hair as a Sixth Sense

September 22nd, 2018|

by Liz Leafloor: The Sensory power of hair… […]

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India Is A Yoga Teacher – Kino MacGregor

September 22nd, 2018|

by Kino MacGregor: Kino MacGregor says whether you find your guru there or not, just traveling to India will teach you more than you can imagine… […]

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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

September 13th, 2018|

by Paramahansa Yogananda: The ancient rishi Patanjali [150BCA or 2nd c BCA] defines yoga as “neutralization of the alternating waves in consciousness.”  […]

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The Practice Of Beginner’s Mind

August 2nd, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: The Practice of Beginner’s Mind is the first of four practices in The Way of the Seer… […]

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Initiation: The Power Of Cleaning Up Your Emotions

July 15th, 2018|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: Ancient societies, native communities and shamans understand the importance of ceremony to consciously close each stage of life in order to enter…  […]

5 Plant Guardians For Lucid Dreaming

July 1st, 2018|

by Nicole Adriana Casanova: Everwhen is time outside of time. It’s a way of understanding what many indigenous cultures refer to as the Dreaming, that space we all return to when we lay down for the [...]

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Modern Shamans

June 6th, 2018|

by Lauren Torres: What are shamans really? […]

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Stop Pretending – Catherine Ingram

April 20th, 2018|

by Catherine Ingram:  One day a six-year-old friend said to me, “Pretend you are surrounded by a thousand hungry tigers. What would you do?” […]

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Mysticism Defined by D.T. Suzuki

March 27th, 2018|

D. T. Suzuki is credited with bringing Zen to America. Through books, articles, and teaching, Suzuki helped make Zen instruction widely accessible in North America. […]

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Teachings of Sri Sarada Devi

March 26th, 2018|

Compiled by a Monk of the Ramakrishna Order: Sri Sarada Devi (1853-1920) is affectionately called “Holy Mother” by millions of people around the world. […]

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Lecture By Jon Kabat-Zinn

January 18th, 2018|

Jon Kabat-Zinn, iconic architect of the current Mindfulness movement and author of countless books…  […]

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Sadhguru – Yogi And Mystic

June 4th, 2017|

by Sadhguru: Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary humanitarian and a prominent spiritual leader… […]