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Scientific knowledge about the “Wisdom Energy Method” (Five Elements Qi Gong)

by Grandmaster Fan Xiulan, Biyn Academy of Traditional Medicine.



I want to help you to enter a kingdom where your own potential for wisdom is found. Get to know your true self, feel how beautiful you are, receive wisdom that inspires you and allows you to develop and transcend your innermost being and bring freedom to your life.

What is the Wisdom Energy Method?

It is an incredible, easy and deep meditative Qi Gong method that you do in a standing position. The practitioner receives the effects of a very fast mobilization of the innate energy in the body, as this potential is not controlled by the brain. This mobilization of energy occurs through thousands of natural and spontaneous movements of the body. This energy field will quickly improve your health and help your wisdom to rapidly develop. This Wisdom Energy Method is a Chinese qigong method for health that is maybe more than 5000 years old. (It used to be secret in old China). The masters used the “mouth to heart” method to teach every single student, because of its mystical effects. (It is called the “mouth to heart” as the masters only taught orally and the students used their hearts to learn.)

The Wisdom Energy Method is a method that can open your potential to discover your own best method. The method will give you direct inspiration to find the deep mystery that is you life, and will transform your life from suffering, confusion and sickness to a new life that is full of wisdom, health, happiness and new energy.

The special effects and characteristics of the Wisdom Energy Method is a method that helps you to keep yourself in good form. It is a combination of Still Qi Gong (inner stillness) in a standing position with movements.

Fan Xiulan-awaken

When your brain is not consciously controlled, when your body and mind are still and relaxed, thousands of lovely, spontaneous, movements occur naturally. When you are in this condition, changes will occur in a natural and mystical way. According to ancient Chinese knowledge, the original life energy – Yuan Qi is activated. In this state, the energy field of the body is changed, new cells are formed, the body’s meridians become more aligned and organs are decontaminated (Waste products in the body are a cause of many sickness.) One can also find the sources of sickness and heal the, for example confusion, stress, anxiety and depression. This effect is the effect of the old and mysterious energy that stimulates the innate energy in our bodies.

Our bodies have energy that is connected to the cosmos. Chinese medicine knows the connection between the body – micro cosmos and the universe – the macro cosmos and how to connect them. This is energy at its highest level. When you are in such a state, you have entered a “Tao” energy field, which is the emptiness that Lao Tzu described in the Tao Te Ching. The body will make instinctive movements, sounds and visions. The is a type of treatment that belongs to you and is also a way to develop you inner potential and wisdom to develop and transcend yourself. This ancient knowledge that is thousands of years old has been proven to be effective by those who have been diagnosed with incurable diseases and have received miraculous effects by doing these exercises. They are very happy to receive a second chance at life! This is because the exercises can develop the potential connection between you and the heavens to produce miraculous effects. Experience shows us you develop and stimulate your sixth sense and intuition by practicing the method only 40 minutes per day. For many people, life changes from suffering and confusion to happiness and wisdom.

How can researchers explain and confirm the scientific phenomenon that comes from this ancient health method?

The secret of the many thousands of year’s old method is incredible and surprising. Many do not believe the miracle that comes from the body when you are not consciously controlling its movements. Many people live their lives mainly focused on their instincts, food, sleep, sex, shelter and so on, and do not reflect on deeper aspects of human existence. The old Chinese sages knew that a deeper way of life was possible and that through activating our inner energies. Scientific experiments cannot give a good explanation to the mysterious phenomenon that is a combination of the human body and nature.

The American neurologist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Says that most people have not seen how fantastic the world and cosmos are, because we are controlled by the left side of the brain. Everything that we have learned since we were small is because we have trained and stimulated the left side of the brain. We use the left side of our brains to acquire different skills and knowledge, among others, language, writing, logic, reasoning, judgment, mathematics, and speech. Dr. Taylor says that the images that come from the right side of the brain are a larger picture of the world. If one can manage to stop one’s thoughts and freeze memories, put the brain into stillness, observe without language, not setting up boundaries, separating or differentiating between things, and can forget oneself, then one will discover the infinite eternity and love.

Fan_Xiulan-AwakenThe psychologist Roger Wolcott Sperry, who received the Noble Prize in medical psychology in 1980, is probably the first scientist in the world who observed the development of the right side of the brain and has greatly contributed to the understanding of the importance of the right brain for humans. His research indicates that the left side of the brain is responsible for the senses (hearing, sight, taste, smell and feeling) and is responsible for analytical thinking. Therefore, we say that the left side of the brain is a language brain, academic and a knowledge brain. The right side of the brain is responsible for memories, intuition, emotions, physical coordination, visual perception, insight, art, music, imagination, inspiration and understanding, etc. It is also responsible for the way that we think when it is irregular, sporadic and intuitive. The right brain is dedicated to creativity and imagination and is able to resonate with the universe, for example through the sixth sense, intuition, inspiration dreams and other characteristics like memory or speed reading. The right side of the brain is a “universal professor” that can find many solutions. Many advanced levels of thought functions come from the right side of the brain. Developing and stimulating the right side of the brain is an instinctual brain and “subconscious” brain. We should be aware that the capacity of the right side of the brain is one million times greater than the left side of the brain. Ninety five Percent of us use only the left side of the brain. Most of us only use 3 – 4% of the brains capacity. The right side of the brain is the area for stimulation potential that can be seen in the spiritual life of people. The right side of the brain is the area for developing creativity. It also has an amazing capacity for memory and a high-speed ability for processing the many experiences and fantasies that may appear in the right side of the brain.

The left side of the brain is a so-called congenital brain. It stores the knowledge that we have had since birth. It stores the information that you have acquired recently and immediately. There are many negative memories in you life, for example fear, sorrow, regret, loneliness and pain. This negative information causes many sicknesses. The right side of the brain is the ancestor of the brain. It has stored all the genetic information since ancient times and the course of human evolution. The right side of the brain is a working area that is highly effective, but is not used much.

Scientific experiments show that miracles come when one practices the Wisdom Energy Method, because one is in the state of “Heaven, Earth, and Man ore one”. The potential in the right side of the brain has functions that make it possible to interact with the cosmos, which brings out the sixth sense, intuition, sense of perspectives an inspiration that are hidden in the right side of the brain. Everyone is able to develop this potential. Research by the Prize laureate Roger Wolcott Sperry shows that one can attain incredible effects when one practices the Wisdom Energy Method. The reason for this is that when the activity for knowledge in the left side of the brain is stopped, the right side of the brain begins to repair itself, because of the thousands of natural and different movements. It is a very effective way to drain the meridians and cleanse the body. It is the highest level of self-repair and the best form of self-healing process.

Fan Xiulan-awakenWe now have a good understanding of these “mystical” effects through scientific explanation. In modern society, people lead very chaotic lives and are very stressed. Stress leads to premature failure in the brain’s function. This is the cause of anxiety, depression, fear, insomnia, forgetfulness, Alzheimer, dementia and cancer. The cause of these disorders is the imbalance between the right and left sides of the brain and that one cannot manage to remove toxic waste products from the brain. 90% of the brain’s potential has never been used. The function of the left side of the brain confuses you and has hindered and threatened you, so that you are not able to differentiate between right and wrong. You do not know that there is a hidden potential in the brain. One throws away many resources and money on doctors and medicines when one has difficulties with health.

After you have learned the Wisdom Energy Method, you will practice around 40 minutes (needed to reach the deeper levels) to achieve this potential anytime you desire. When the body and soul are relaxed and when you stand facing the different directions, the body opens for thousands of movements. You receive new experiences every time you practice. You are confused and do not know yourself when you have difficulties. The Wisdom Energy Method helps you find and know your true self and to awaken. It will also help you to discover the secret of your existence and to find the answer to where you come from, what you are and where you will go after death.

The right side of the brain is the best doctor that you can find in your entire life. You are your own master and spiritual guide to wisdom through this practical exercise.

After one has understood that the right side of the brain is our “ancestral” brain, one has a better understanding of the epiphany or awakening that has been described by Taoists, Zen Buddhist, Buddhists and yogis for thousands of years. This truth shows that we manage to transcend language and logic, because the right side of the brain can help us to transcend reality.

Finally, let us thank the energy in the cosmos that has revealed the secret of energy to people. Thanks to the Taoist and other great masters that have shown us the way to obtain the transcending energies in the cosmos, we have the possibilities to experience a world where Heaven, Earth and Man are one.

Dear friends, I hope that you can begin with the Wisdom Energy Method in order to respect and be happy with yourself, to become wiser, to obtain inspiration and intuition and to be one that can transcend yourself. Please practice the Wisdom Energy Method to find your secret way and use of the universal Professor, the right side of the brain that is the guide to showing you how fantastic you are.

Fan Xiulan

As a child Fan Xiulan learned the Qigong secrets from her grandmother 30 years she has practiced Qigong and she has created “Biyun – the health preservation method” and is its grandmaster.

Fan Xiulan is a qualified doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. She is certified Qigong masters from the Chinese health authority for many years. She is a board member of the World Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong and Deputy General Secretary of the Chinese Academic Society of Medical Qi Gong.

Since 1992 Biyun method is developed in Sweden by Fan Xiulan and 1995 the Biyun school started(now Biyun Academy) in Örbyhus where education in the Biyun method was conducted a long time, before the school’s headquarters moved to Västra Skogen in Stockholm with Fan Xiulan as teacher. A number of courses per year are still being held at the course center in Örbyhus.

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