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Gestalt Therapy At Home

From In this increasingly competitive, strife-torn, nervous-making world, romance and family life have a hard time flowering and fruiting. The climate is so DARK down here now, the economy so ruthless… that panic, fear, tension from just a single Television News hour will stress and kill anything as tender, vulnerable and organic as an […]

Gestalt Prayer by Fritz Perls

From the Jupiter Center for Growth & Healing: Yesterday, I visited with my mother for a few hours, showing her a bit about how to use the internet beyond email. She recited a line from a poem to offer some insight into a relationship issue we were discussing.

An Oral History Of Gestalt Therapy – An Interview with Laura Perls

This landmark interview with Laura Perls appeared in the premier issue of The Gestalt Journal. The first comprehensive exploration of Laura’s role in the development of Gestalt therapy, it was the first of three interviews that became “An Oral History of Gestalt Therapy.” The interview was conducted by Laura’s friend and trainee, Edward Rosenfeld. It […]

Planned Psychotherapy

by Fritz Perls: Ladies and gentlemen, every one of you is only too aware that we are born into a time of multiple contradictions. Up to the 18th century, a spiritual concept of the world, a religious ideology, was, with very few exceptions, taken for granted.