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Yoga For Arthritis

March 11th, 2022|

by Julie Peters: Hurting? Yoga for arthritis can soothe your joints and diminish pain… […]

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Abundance And The Vision Of Yoga

March 1st, 2022|

by Deepak Chopra™, M.D: Success and abundance are desirable things, yet the path to achieving them, the path that has entered popular mythology… […]

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How To Build Strength With Your Yoga Practice

February 25th, 2022|

by Kyle Shrivastava: When people think about yoga, strength isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But this doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be a part of your practice… […]

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Yoga In The Snow

February 18th, 2022|

by Cynthia J. Drake: Warm your spirit this winter by taking your yoga practice outdoors… […]

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What To Know About Yoga Sex

February 4th, 2022|

by Jennifer Litner: Yoga is an ancient practice that aims to promote mental and physical well-being… […]

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Reset And Recharge: New Year Yoga Sequence

January 14th, 2022|

by Julie Peters: This gentle yoga practice supports digestive health and immune function to help you get back into the swing of things… […]

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Shamanism And The Yoga Sutras

January 9th, 2022|

by Dr. Alberto Villoldo: Shamanism is an archaic technique of ecstasy still practiced by countless peoples around the world… […]

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Guru Singh – Your Hair and Sunlight

December 25th, 2021|

Guru Singh talks about how your hair is like an electric circuitry. You need vitamin D which is absorbed directed from the sunlight into your hair and skin. […]

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What Is Yoga?

December 21st, 2021|

by Sadhguru: What is Yoga, exactly? Is it just an exercise form? Is it a religion, a philosophy, an ideology? Or is it something else entirely? The word “Yoga” literally means “union”. In this article, [...]

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The Yoga of Pilgrimage

December 8th, 2021|

by Juan Li: Meeting the great Goddess on the road to Santiago de Compostella… […]

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Letting Your Yoga Dance: Find Joy Through Flow

December 3rd, 2021|

by Emma Morrison: Yoga has many benefits. And there are many practices within yoga as well. But you might not be familiar with Let Your Yoga Dance… […]

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Aging Wildly With Seane Corn

December 2nd, 2021|

by Seane Corn: Turning 50, the best advice from her mom and her ‘youth serum’… […]

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How to Sharpen Your Swords with Yoga’s Warrior Pose

November 30th, 2021|

by Danielle Hildreth, CPT: Ready to unleash your inner warrior, yoga heads? Us too. That’s why we’re going to help you channel the Xena in your soul and spill the yoga beans on Vīrabhadrasana, or [...]

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Svadhyaya: The True Yogic Meaning Of Self-Study

November 26th, 2021|

by Emma Morrison: In yoga, there are the Yamas and Niyamas. These are the ethical guidelines that inform one’s practice. One of these values is Svadhyaya… […]

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The Eight Essentials of Restorative Yoga

November 19th, 2021|

by Neal Ghoshal: A few years ago I enrolled on my second Yoga Teacher Training course for a year at the Yoga Academy Auckland –  […]

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Yoga For Sore Feet

November 16th, 2021|

by Julie Peters: Sore, achy feet affect your mood, not to mention cause pain to radiate to other areas of the body. Find relief for your feet by practicing yoga for sore feet… […]

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Along the Way to Awakening

November 12th, 2021|

by Bonnie Greenwall PhD: It has been many years now since my own kundalini activation and the energy is calm, as if it has spiraled down into a quiet center that supports my work and my [...]

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4 Yoga Poses For Soft, Strong Hips

November 9th, 2021|

by Julie Peters: Tight hips can also mean an unhappy lower back. Try these four poses to soften and strengthen your hips… […]