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How To Firewalk – Secret About Success That I Learned From Tony Robbins

by Eva Lu: Tony Robbins dedicated more than 25 years of his life to find answers on the questions…


“What shapes human behavior?” and “How can we create lasting change within ourselves and others?”.

He is a top world leader, motivational speaker and one of the most influential people in the personal development industry today.

Through research he has conducted, as well as his interaction with 50 million people from 80 countries, he came up with incredible strategies on how to maximize our capabilities as human beings.

Because of all the mentioned, I decided to spend 4 days in London to learn from him how I can improve my life and help others to improve their lives.

With 7000 people from 41 different countries, this was the biggest and one of the most important trainings in my life.

There are many things I’ve learned from Tony, but I want to share with you one of the most important lessons about success in life, that I’ve learned through my Firewalk experience.

6 Steps from Impossible to Possible – Firewalk experience

When I first heard that we will have to walk across a bed of hot coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, my first thought was, “There is no way I will do it. It is impossible!”

Even though I was trying to convince myself that it was safe, that thousands of other people had done it before me, I still had those little voices in my head which were reminding me of all the things that could go wrong. I couldn’t ignore thoughts like, “What if I burn myself?”, “How will I tell others that I’ve burnt my feet and in the same time paid a lot of money for that experience?”, “It is too hot, it’s not possible to not get burnt!”.

But when I was listening Tony as he was preparing us to walk across hot coals, there was something that he said that completely shifted my mental attitude. At that moment, I realized that I would definitely do it.

Tony shared with us how successful people do it. Successful people don’t think about burning themselves, about things that can get wrong or how they will fail to do it. They just focus on the benefit they will get once they make it to the other side (feeling of joy and celebration).

From that moment, I instantly switched focus from walking across hot coals to the benefit I would get upon completion of the task (feeling of satisfaction because I did it).

Successful people think about what they want, while others focus on their fears!

We all have fears, but what you do with those fears will make the difference. If we focus on our fears, we will get nowhere; however, if we focus on what we want, we can get anywhere!

With that in mind, I had enough courage to walk barefoot over the bed of hot coals, and I did it successfully without any trace of burning or hurting my feet.

Thousands of people do it every year with Tony, including celebrities like Oprah, but still many people think that it is impossible… until they actually do it!



Something that had seemed impossible instantly became trivial with only 6 steps over those hot coals.

Don’t we do the same with all problems in our life? We make drama, we exaggerate and complain until we finally do it and then it suddenly seems so easy.

It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela

Maybe you will think that it is impossible to lose weight, start your own business or earn more money, despite of the fact that millions other people have already done it. Is their story really different, or did they just have enough courage to take the first step?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

But be careful, because to successfully achieve any goal, you need to follow certain rules.

Tony told us 2 simple rules on how to successfully firewalk:

  1. Once when you take the first step, don’t stop. You must keep moving forward, otherwise you will get burned.
  2. Don’t push too hard or run if you don’t want to get burn.

I think that we can follow these rules when striving to achieve any goal. Once you start, don’t stop! You must keep moving forward. Focus on your goal, not on the problems!

At the same time, don’t push too hard, don’t rush or panic. Find the best way to do it and keep that momentum till the end.

My firewalk experience will always be a reminder to me that the only limits that exist are those that we set in our own minds. Our mental attitudes create the difference between success and failure.

If you decide to do something new in your life or if you want to achieve big goal, it’s very likely that you will have those little voices in your head that keep telling you how difficult it is, what can go wrong, why you shouldn’t do it. If you listen to those voices, you can easily give up and end up doing nothing.

Remember: Successful people think about what they want, while others focus on their fears!

Successful people visualize success in their mind before they even start and they focus on the benefit that is waiting for them on the other side. They focus on what they want instead of the obstacles on the way!

Everything you want is on the other side of fear. – Jack Canfield

Remember this story about walking on the fire. If you want to achieve success, don’t think about your fears, instead see yourself ‘walking on hot coals without getting burned,’ define how many steps you need to take to get to the other side, and once when you are there, celebrate! You did it!

Don’t forget: “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Firewalking with Anthony Robbins taught me how quickly we can go from impossible to possible, and that difference between success and failure in life depends on our choice, whether we will focus on our fears or on what we really want.

To achieve success in life, this is the 6 step formula that you must follow:

  1. Visualize yourself doing it successfully (be mentally prepared and strong)
  2. Focus on the benefit you will get once you succeed (what’s in it for you)
  3. Know all the steps you need to take before you even start (make a strategic plan)
  4. Ask for advice from people who have already done it successfully and follow what they did (follow tested formula which works)
  5. Once you take the first step, keep moving forward! Don’t stop or rush! (The first step is the hardest one, but once you do it, keep your momentum moving forward until the end)
  6. Once when you finish, celebrate (reward yourself for success)!

Source: Mind Of Winner


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