Only when life enters into Sushmana life really begins!


The human body is a very complex system and within this there is an invisible network that is unknown to many, at the base of the spine lies the Kundalini Shakti, The Cosmic Force which if activated travels through the spine through the Sushmana nadi and unites with Shiva located in the crown of the Head also known as Sahasrara Chakra and with the union of these two energies The Kundalini Shakti with Shiva one connects with his/her higer self or in other words gains enlightenment.

But what is this Sushmana Nadi and, what is a nadi in the first place? Nadi is a Sanskrit word, can be translated as pipe, tube, nerve, blood vessel. Prana the vital energy flows through these energy channels called Nadis. They transport Pranic energy  through both subtle and physical body. There are 72,000  Nadis in human body.

The three main Nadis are:




Sushmana is the passage only for the most refined and balanced Prana. Since the progression of prana through this nadi leads to experience more creative space for enlightenment. This nadi also corresponds to the ventricular cavity.

Ida: Ida represents the qualities associated with moon.          (mental activities, retrospection, passivity, introversion,   feminity, right side of the brain and left side of the body.

Pingala: Pingala represents the qualities associated with the sun: Physical activities, masculinity, extroversion, left brain and right body.

Ida & Pingala

Ida and Pingala weave around the central axis of Sushumna Nadis. They cross each other at a time at six points along the spine. Everywhere they meet they form a Chakra.

Bringing a balance between the Ida and Pingala will make you effective in the world, it will make you handle life aspects well. Most people live and die in Ida and Pingala; Sushumna, the central space, remains dormant. But Sushumna is the most significant aspect of human physiology. Only when energies enter into Sushumna, life really begins.

Fundamentally, Sushumna is attribute-less, it has no quality of its own. It is like empty space. If there is empty space, you can create anything you want. Once energies enter into Sushumna, we say you attain to Vairagya. “Raga,” means color. “Vairag,” means no color, you have become transparent. If you have become transparent, if what is behind you is red, you turn red too. You are unprejudiced. Wherever you are, you become a part of that, but nothing sticks to you. Only if you are like this, only if you are in a state of Vairag, then you will dare to explore all dimensions of life when you live here.

Right now, you are reasonably balanced, but if for some reason the outside situation goes crazy, you will also go crazy in reaction to that because that is the nature of Ida and Pingala. It is reactive to what is outside. But once the energies enter into Sushumna, you attain to a new kind of balance, an inner balance where whatever happens outside, there is a certain space within you which never gets disturbed, which is never in any kind of turmoil, which cannot be touched by the outside situations. Only if you create this stable situation within yourself, you will dare to scale the peaks of consciousness.

Source: Shivoham Yoga School