by Jana Prackova: A couple of weeks I was on a trip in Montreal. One morning, while there…

Universal Signs


I visited one of the local coffee shops for breakfast. Something was going on in my life in that particular week and it was keeping my mind pre-occupied, and to be honest, a bit worried. As soon as I walked in, I’ve noticed the energy of the place vibrating on a very high frequency. What do I mean by that? The people working there were singing, smiling, laughing and being generally in a fantastic mood. The music playing in the background reflected the good vibes of the place. It was such a joy to watch these young people worked together as a team. Their beautiful energy was definitely drawing people in.

Almost immediately, I started feeling better and more at peace. When someone smiles at you and asks you, in a very genuine way, how you are, especially in the moments when your mind is elsewhere and worried, you feel that there is love, care and support around you. And that day, I felt exactly that. Watching this energetic group of people working so beautifully and effortlessly together, enjoying their job and making everyone around happy, shifted my perspective on things.

I suddenly felt that everything is going to be okay. I wasn’t as overwhelmed as earlier that morning and I started looking at the situation I was going through differently. I trusted, that I was intuitively lead to visit this particular coffee shop to feel better. For me, it was just another sign from the Universe, the angels and my spiritual guides, that all is well and there is nothing to worry about. The more peace set into my subconscious, the more I was able to notice other signs that grounded to the moment I was in and enabled me to leave my worries aside.

I believe that there is so much guidance around us and this guidance often comes through people, situations, random blessings and also many other seen and unseen forces. It’s just up to us whether we are open to these signs or not. I fully understand that when we have so much going on, it is almost impossible to quiet our minds and truly align to the moment we are in. But it is in the moments of worry, fear or chaos that we need it most. Then, we will open to door to the unlimited help and guidance that is available to us all without question.

Source: Mystic Butterfly