by Dr. Nikki Star Noce M.D: Our mission is quite simple. It is love…


To be love. Spread love. Give love. Receive love. Awaken even more love on the planet.

To be so inspired with love that we can’t help but share our unique gifts with the world as a radical act of love.

We choose to incarnate and have human experience to give and receive love. To connect. We all wish to be loved, to give love, to live in love.

Love is the reason for everything. It is the muse of masterpieces of all kinds. Love is the reason we create and share. Love is the reason we strive and achieve.

Or else what is the purpose of anything? What’s the point of doing anything we do if the end result is not more love?

We each have our unique way of sharing and expressing love–this is our unique mission. This transforms and evolves as we do.

Back when I was becoming medical doctor, I never imagined I would do my part in sharing love in the world as an energy healer, awakening consciousness on the planet through healing sessions, meditations, retreat, workshops, books, speaking, teaching, etc. Nonetheless life unfolds in the most beautiful way if we so allow it to. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Our purpose is always the same, to grow into deeper self love so that this love shines out like a beacon affecting all those who cross our path. Deeper self love activates our gifts, allowing us to embody our unique mission even more.

When we begin to operate at the level of experiencing unconditional love without limits we reach a new level of being. At this point we are on the path to embodying the divinity or God within each one of us. We begin to live our lives in a selfless way. We expand. We feel connected to all that is.

This is the spiritual path. To live as love and to choose love in every moment. It is the choice to evolve and change into our truest essence, which is love.

You may already be embodying this way of existing. You may have had glimpses or a taste.

As you activate your highest potential Self through various enlightening practices that enhance awareness, presence and greater connection, it takes discipline to be free and to continue your expansion. It requires self determination, choice and the precise use of free will to begin to the embody the divinity within. For as many sacred scriptures have said, we were made in the image of God. God is within each one of us.

Not everyone is at this level of loving and existing, but everyone is ready and more and more people are transforming during these rapidly changing times. Many are experiencing a spiritual awakening, remembering we are divine beings having a spiritual experience–that our true essence is love and that our mission is love. 

Thank you dear human for being alive and reading this. Thank you for playing your part in our missions and for being the love that you are. I love you. 

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