by Brian Thompson: Point your mind inwards for a moment…


Turn off the world. Do you see how it all appears within you? Do you see how it is not separate from you, how all that seems to be, exists within? Every sensation. Every perception. It all seems to happen within.

No longer be distracted by any objects of the senses. Relax your opinions of whatever seems to be occurring around you. No longer be concerned with anything that’s appearing within mind.

Close your eyes, and breathe. Forget everything, and be still within your own quiet inner presence. Feel your breath. Feel your aliveness. Feel your awareness as it emanates from you, within you, and as you. Feel how it feels, to be.

Be aware of your awareness. Be conscious of your consciousness. Just, be.

Right now, there is nothing other than this. Just this nothingness. Nothing to do. Nothing to think. Nothing to need. Nothing to be. Just, nothing.

Be this. Just this. Here and now.

You need to do nothing else. No effort is needed, to be. Just be this aware presence, that you are, and that I am.

This, has no shape. This, has no form. This, has no name. This, has no limits. This, has no bounds. This, has no edges. This, is empty of thought. This, is empty of feeling. This empty presence that I am, is where all that seems to be, occurs. I am the empty space in which all that is, appears.

This, is infinite. This, is beyond space and time.

This, is the invisible and silent presence that I am.

I am the silence in which all sounds are heard. I am the space in which all that is seen is sensed. I am the presence in which all that is perceived is known. But, I am free of whatever seems to appear.

I am aware of only one thing in this moment; I exist. I am real. I am. This, I am certain of; I am.

Everything else is surreal. Everything else is empty. Everything else is nothing. Everything else is merely an appearance that comes and goes, an illusion, a mirage, while I remain right here, empty and unchanged.

I am the consciousness that is dreaming, while all that is perceived is my dream.

Things seem to appear within me, within my presence of awareness, and I remain aware, as the invisible witness to all phenomenal arisings. I am not separate from any of this, as all of this happens within me, as me.

All that I am, is all that I observe, and all that I observe, is this presence of I Am. I am omnipresent. There is nothing within my experience that exists outside of me. I am all there is.

In this emptiness, I realize I am no one. I am no thing. In fact, there is no one. There is no thing. There is nothing at all.

There is only this ever-flowing stream of phenomenal sensations and perceptions, all of which change they moment they appear. No thing is solid. No thing is finite. No thing is static or still.

I am an empty screen upon which all that is, seems to be projected upon, and that all seems to be, happens within.

I am the blank canvas upon which the entire universe is painted.

There is no thing that has ever actually happened, there is only this ever-present presence that is always happening. There is nothing that exists outside of the countless happenings within this moment. All else, is a conception of mind, which is also happening here and now.

There is, only this. There is, only here. There is, only now.

But here, is nowhere. There is nowhere but here, and wherever I seem to be, I am. My presence is all pervading.

There is only this nothingness that I am, in which all that seems to be arises and then dissolves. All seeming things pass through me, but no thing remains, except this presence that I am.

This me-ness that I am, is empty of any characteristic or trait, but all characteristics and traits borrow their apparent existence from me, for without me, they would not be. Without me, no thing could exist.

I lend my infinite beingness to all appearances, so that they too, can seem to be.

But I know, that despite whatever is perceived, there is only this infinitely empty presence that I am. I permeate all that is known to me. I encompass all that is. I am omnipresent. All that is sensed, all this is perceived, comes and goes within me.

I am, this presence. I am, this awareness. I am, this I-am-ness that I am.

I have no body, I have no mind, but all bodies and minds appear within me. I am the knowing that knows, but outside of this moment, I know nothing, for there is no thing to know. There is only this present-moment knowing, which arises as everything I am.

I am the knowing that knows.

There is nothing to be achieved. There is nothing to be gained. There is nothing to be acquired. There is only this ever-present awareness that is always known, but rarely realized. I only need to be, without any confusion of conceptual thought, empty and full of nothing.

My I am, is your I am. There is only one. One consciousness, forever experiencing itself.

One consciousness, seeing through seven billion unique minds, dreaming seven billion unique worlds.

One consciousness, forever manifesting itself in infinite dreams. There is only one, I Am.

I am, is invisible. I am, is formless. I am, is this consciousness, this awareness, this spirit, this substance, and this source that seems to animate this very nothingness that is everything, that lends its aliveness to all that seems to be.

I am, is this empty and blissful field of infinite nothingness. There is no thing I am, but there is no thing I am not. I am everything. I am absolute, everything else is relative to me. This, I am certain.

I Am.

You are nothing you think. You are nothing you feel. You are nothing you believe. You are nothing you know. You are nothing personal, nothing physical, nothing emotional, nothing intellectual, nothing psychological, and nothing conceptual. You are nothing, and yet, within this infinite and empty nothingness is the fullness of absolutely everything.

You, are the beauty and bliss of all that is. You are the only reality that exists. Within you, the entire world, is. This is your vast and beautiful dream, and its entire universe dwells within you, as you.

You are love. You are bliss. You are consciousness. You are existence.

Know this. Be this.

Nothing can harm or trouble you, as none of what seems to be, actually is. Only you, are. There is only, this aware presence that I am.

I Am That. I Am.

Source: Zen Thinking