by Peter Diamandis: Age is the single leading risk factor for virtually every significant disease including cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological and other degenerative diseases…


But what if you could add 30+ healthy years to your lifespan? Imagine having the cognition, esthetics and mobility at 100 years old that you had at 60.

How would that change your life? Your plans? How much impact you could create in the world?

In this blog, Iwant to give you an overview of three of the most exciting “longevity companies” I have found —three companies which I’ll be bringing to this year’s Abundance 360 summit.

Longevity-related technologies are a regular discussion topic at A360, backed with the latest data and research. In 2015, Human Longevity Inc. cofounders Craig Venter, Ph.D. and Robert Hariri, MD, Ph.D., joined me onstage to discuss the advancements we’re making in personalized genomics. In 2017, I featured stem cell treatments and the work of the Panama Stem Cell Institute.

Meet 3 Amazing Companies:

At the upcoming Abundance 360 Summit (January 21-23, 2018), I’m excited to bring you the CEO’s of three very exciting longevity-related companies. Each is exploring different mechanisms of longevity, and each is at a different stage of development and valuation.

Check these out…

  1.  ELEVIAN:  Elevian is a Harvard University spinout. We’ll hear from Mark Allen, MD, the CEO.  Elevian’s founders discovered and patented GDF11, a “young blood” factor that (when injected into aged animals) regenerates heart, brain, muscles, lung and kidneys.  They are developing therapeutics based on the GDF11 pathway that have the promise to treat and prevent many aging-related diseases and extend the healthy lifespan.
  2.  CELULARITY: Celularity is a company harnessing the power of the living cell with leading-edge technologies to amplify the body’s ability to fight disease, heal and regenerate itself, and extend the healthy human lifespan. We’ll hear from Bob Hariri, MD/PhD, the CEO of the company. Celularity is capitalizing on the transformational potential of Placental stem cells and immunotherapies. It has rolled-up assets from three companies and has numerous treatments in Phase-2 clinical trials.
  3.  SAMUMED: One of the primary signaling pathways that regulate the self-renewal and differentiation of adult stem cells is the Wnt pathway, a term that refers to a group of signal transduction pathways which play a crucial role in tissue health, ranging from formation to replenishment and regeneration of various tissues. We will hear from Samumed CEO, Osman Kibar, Ph.D. Samumed is now a private company with a $12+ billion valuation, developing therapeutics to address a wide range of degenerative diseases.

Today, the average life expectancy worldwide is ~72 years. Inside of the next two decades we are likely to reach what Ray Kurzweil (another 2018 A360 speaker) calls “longevity escape velocity” — the point at which, for each calendar year you live, technological advances add more than a year to your lifespan.

For those who share an abundant mindset, this is exciting. It means more time to make the impact we desire. Another lifetime (or two) of memories and experiences.

I’m looking forward to how your mindset shifts after hearing our longevity researchers and experts at A360.

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