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The Value and Cost Of Visiting The Upper World

by : In past weeks you’ve learned about the five levels of the Upper World of the Laika…


Although all five domains are available to you after death, they can also be visitd while you’re living—through journeying.

If you journey to the Upper World now, you can ask your celestial parents to remind you of how you can live according to your original sacred contract in this lifetime. You can reinstate its original terms and explore the ways in which you may want to revise it. You can ask them to guide you through a process of reflection on how true you’ve been to your sacred contract and how you’ve served it (or neglected to).

When you forget these sacred contracts, you begin to believe that life is about spending 60 hours a week at the office, then arguing with your mechanic over a rough idle in your car―all the while suspecting that these issues have nothing to do with why you were put on this planet. This will be your life-review process, and your celestial parents will help you find resolution and atonement for all the ways in which you’ve deviated from your original sacred contracts. In the process, they’ll set you on a journey of meaning and purpose for the rest of your life.

During one of my own journeys to the Upper World, I learned how valuable this journey can be, as well as how much our celestial parents can facilitate our understanding: My celestial parents led me to meet my biological father, who had passed away several years earlier. I was delighted to see that he wasn’t suffering and that he was joyous and filled with light. He hugged me, looked into my eyes, and said, “Until you realize why you were born my son, you will continue to live my life.”

My father was a kind and loving man, but he was also a workaholic who missed out on much of the fun of life, so this encounter launched me on a three-year exploration of my family psychology and genetic predispositions to health and disease. When I mentioned the details of this journey to one of my mentors, he pointed out that I’d made an error in punctuation—I was missing a comma. What my father had admonished me to understand was really this: “Until you realize why you were born, my son, you will continue to live my life.” This launched me on a quest for my original contract, and for the meaning and purpose I’d chosen for this life.

In the Upper World, you’ll have an opportunity to respond for a second time to your original calling. This may be a spiritual calling, a creative calling, or a calling to be of service. You may find that you’re to be a poet, a sculptor, a healer, someone who can save a river or an endangered species, or simply a voice of compassion and understanding to those in need.

When you embrace your sacred contract, you’ll be shown the possibilities of your destiny—its challenges, its wonders, its mysteries, and its inner power. Remember that we journey to discover what’s possible for our soul in this life and in the next. We journey to make sweeping changes, which can’t be made in the small increments of daily life. We can’t make these choices by reacting to where the stock market is today, or where we hope it will be tomorrow. We can’t make them by gauging how our spouse is feeling today or how they might react if we make a change, or by obsessing on the opportunities we had last week but failed to take advantage of. The soul’s choices are the great decisions that can only be made from the fifth plane, as we navigate through our destiny and express it in the now. In the Upper World, we select our future—and all future incarnations to come.

Keep in mind that there’s a cost for everything, and the “sticker price” for this transformation is that we have to realign our priorities and make fundamental changes. For example, if you choose material success over emotional and spiritual communion with others, you’ll pay the price of suffering; yet if you alter your life to be more spiritual and emotionally invested, you’re going to have to clean up your act. Nevertheless, you always have a choice, even in the living of your destiny.

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