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Prophecy And Action

by : Shamans in the Andes, the Q’ero, read the signs of destiny and foretold the end of time and the dawn of a millennium of light…


The prophecies present possibilities of chaos and the promise of the emergence of a new human, homo luminous, at the end of the turmoil. Most importantly, the prophecies speak about a tear in the fabric of time itself that offer an opportunity for us to define ourselves not by who we have been in the past, but who we will become 10,000 years from now.

Shamans feel the tremendous upheavals happening on all levels, physical, emotional and energetic, and know we are facing a quantum leap in collective consciousness. We wonder how we prepare ourselves, our families, and our communities to make this leap. Aware that we are consciousness, we know in our very bones that the more of humanity that makes the leap, the better. By taking an evolutionary leap with other conscious, deliberate individuals, critical mass is reached and we are pulled forward all at once into the new world we created.

As medicine men and women our role is to rise and embody the ancient wisdom that is our lineage. We are here to be midwives for the rebirth of the earth and of humanity and to bring coexistence, sustainability and compassion to this challenging time. How can we help those around us to take this evolutionary leap? First, by creating opportunities to engage those seeking to find out more about our medicine by offering community service, despachos and fire ceremonies.

Then, use the strong medicine within you to assist those seeking to clear family stories, karma and curses. As practitioners we know that it is often the family “black sheep” that are the courageous ones stepping forward. Perhaps you are one of them. Those who heal stories based on victim consciousness to step into the free and empowered consciousness of co-creators.

You are also a health coach, guiding those lost in the fast food culture to a new experience of detoxifying the brain and gut with superfoods and cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience. Reacquainting others with the foods and supplements that awaken the neocortex and frontal lobes, the brain of foresight, the God-brain, they move beyond the limits of a brain stuck in survival mode to transform their destiny.

Sometimes we lose sight of the reach of our work. When we remember that healing extends seven generations forward and seven generations back, each one of us has the potential to impact multitudes and send limitless enlightened possibilities into the future. Strands of collective awareness weaving together to create a new millennium of hope, peace, and freedom.

Although each individual must choose for themselves whether or not to take the quantum leap to homo luminous and co-create a new destiny for humanity, we are the cheerleaders. We encourage the leap and light the path forward by carrying a burning torch, an optimistic message of opportunity. Then, holding hands with all those who have joined us around the fire, we boldly jump together into the millennium of gold. After all, we are the ones we have been waiting for!

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