by : Learning how to Handstand can often feel like an incredibly daunting task. But if you start with the basics and really master the fundamentals, then your inversion practice will inevitably flourish…


Handstand Fundamentals on YA Classes is a quick 30-minute workshop-style practice designed to arm you with the foundational aspects of Handstand (yes, arm you!) to either start or deepen your Handstand practice.

Led by the eloquent and experienced Courtney Sheber, this class will flow through stretches and strengthening techniques to prepare you to flip your world upside down with ease.

Learn How to Handstand With This Workshop-Style Fundamentals Class

Want a brief glimpse of what to expect in this online yoga class focused on turning upside down?

This practice will start with a slow-paced warm-up to perfectly prepare your body for what’s to come. You’ll start on your mat to prep your wrists, shoulders, and core for a strong inversion practice.

From there, you’ll move into a quick floor sequence to really activate your core as you start to learn the appropriate body positioning for how to Handstand already.

Next, you’ll flow through some quick standing poses before moving into Sun Salutations to prep your full body for the drills to come.

Once you’re fully warmed up, you’ll move your practice over to a clear wall to start playing with different variations of how to Handstand. Flow through a few challenging drills to find your alignment and strength in the full inversion.

After your drills, you have the option to stay at the wall as you continue your practice or move back to your mat to free float in the center of the room. From here, you’ll flow through a few more alignment and strengthening drills before jumping into your full Handstand practice (pun intended!).

Now that your body is strengthened, stretched, and ready, you can start playing with Handstand hops. And Courtney will guide you through the best ways to fall out of this somewhat precarious pose so you feel confident to kick up without fear.

After playing with Handstand for a few minutes, you’ll finish up with a simple cool down to unwind and release all the musculature that you worked so hard in this practice.

Learn How to Handstand With This Workshop-Style Handstand Class

Courtney’s detailed cues will help you find the proper form and alignment in your Handstand practice while also engaging muscles you’ve probably never even worked before.

And her sweet demeanor will make you feel comfortable as you work toward mastering your inversion practice.

Whether you’re just starting to learn how to Handstand or you’re an experienced Handstander already, this practice will give you the strength and confidence to hop up into Handstand with ease.

Ready to Take Your Handstand to the Next Level?

Join world-renowned Handstand coach and YA Classes teacher Kyle Weiger as he takes you through Handstand School: a 6-class program that teaches you the drills and techniques necessary to learn how to Handstand, plus three of the main entries into Handstand (scissor, tuck, and straddle).

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