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The Human Energy Field: Dr. Valerie Hunt Interview Pt 1

With broad degrees in the fields of biology, physiological psychology, science education, and physical therapy, for over fifty years, Dr. Valerie Hunt has been a pioneer in every area of research she has undertaken.


In the 1950′s, she established the neuromuscular patterns of anxiety and anger at a time when the only physiological research of emotions was chemical and behavioral. In the 1960′s, she added to the field of behavioral psychology with her discovery of neuromuscular nerve stimulation patterns related to nonverbal communication of individuals and cultures. In the 1970′s, while a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, she developed a high frequency device known as the AuraMeter(TM), which is capable of recording the electrical energy (the human aura) from the body’s surface. In the process, she discovered that the energy radiating from the body’s atoms emit frequencies one thousand times faster than any other known electrical activity of the body. During the 1980′s and 90′s, using fractal mathematics, her energy field data produced the first dramatic chaos patterns ever discovered in human biological systems.

Today, Dr. Hunt is actively involved in research that is uncovering the various dimensions involved in the bioenergetic transactions between humans and the environment as they relate to human behaviors, emotions, health, illness, and disease, as well as scientifically quantifying the human aura and the levels of consciousness it contains.

Your research shows that disturbances in the body’s bioelectromagnetic field, rather than biochemical imbalances, are the primary cause of disease and malfunction. That being the case, how did biochemistry come to be the underlying basis for the diagnosis and treatment methods of orthodox or conventional medicine?

We got into this state back in the 18th century, when medicine started to become more serious about finding scientific evidence to support medical theory and practice. At that time, the field of chemistry was the most scientifically advanced, well before the study of electromagnetism occurred. The researchers of that era began to investigate biochemical changes, and when they did their experiments, they could see biochemical differences. That’s where it started. In addition, there was already a body of established scientific evidence regarding the mechanics of alignment and things of this nature in the scientific literature, dating much earlier than the 18th century. Having these two basic references and scientific information to go on, they grabbed it, and that was the basis of the biochemical paradigm.

It wasn’t until the discovery of the atom early in the 19th century, that we started really understanding electromagnetism, but by this time the biochemical paradigm was already locked in. The first research into electromagnetism was also concerned only with material substance; it had to do with atoms and the physical things of the earth. The study of bioelectromagnetism, the subtle, invisible energy fields which enfold and animate physical matter, is much more recent than that, such as the work done by Nikola Tesla in the 1950′s.

So this is a brief history of why energy field medicine, alternative medicine, or whatever you wish to call it, has been late in coming. The chemistry is there and we need to be concerned about it, but it is not our primary concern and it certainly is not the cause of illness. It’s a downstream cause. Even the biochemists say that all chemical reactions have to have a catalyst in order to occur. You can’t just put two substances together, you have to have a catalyst, and the catalyst is electromagnetic energy. When the pattern of the electromagnetism is disturbed in the body, you will get disease and malfunction. And this electromagnetic pattern can be disturbed in a number of ways: genetically, due to the nature of the tissue, although I don’t think that’s a major factor; experientially, due to lifestyle patterns; or emotionally, which I think is the primary factor. What happens is there is a disturbance that occurs in the electromagnetism of the tissue, which will eventually alter the chemistry. And actually this goes clear to the DNA. I predict we will learn before long that the DNA is reprogrammed by the emotional organization of the energy field. I am not saying this simply. I have had experiences here.

What you are saying, then, is that the primary cause of all disease occurs first and foremost in the field. Correct?

Absolutely. Many people are coming to that conclusion theoretically. I’m coming to it through my research.

Conversely, then, for healing to truly occur, it has to occur in the field, as well.

All healing that takes place in alternative medicine is electromagnetic. Whether it’s the laying on of hands, Tai Chi, meditation — everything that takes place, even the thought process, or the person’s intent or spiritual state, changes the electromagnetic field and changes it almost instantaneously. Now if it stays changed and improved, the body heals itself, and the chemistry reorganizes. This biochemical reorganization is the effect that medicine is working upon. Medicine has never, ever cured anything. The body cures itself. Sometimes, in emergency situations, we need the offset of biochemistry, but not as a cure of disease. It never has cured disease, and it never will cure disease. Only if the field changes will there be a true cure.

For example, I can measure the energy field of a person who has had cancer but that cancer, according to chemistry, is in remission. I can tell you if the person still has a cancerous field, and until that cancerous field goes, I don’t care if there is remission or not, biochemically, as long as the field does not change, it’s going to recur.

And the reason they have cancer is because the field is a very high, very weak field. They’re sweet, dear, lovable people. That’s their emotional orientation. They aren’t aggressive, and they don’t have lower frequencies which have to do with tissue vitality. Without the tissue vitality, the cell becomes cancerous. But the difficulty is that some of these people would almost rather die than to give in to the very intense, angry, and hostile emotions which they have.

Would you say that those emotions are basically suppressed?

Yes, they are suppressed as their consciousness soars, staying in what they perceive to be the more positive emotions. I have measured the fields of people with cancer many, many times, and it’s always the same pattern. I’ve never, ever seen a cancer person whose field had the full spectrum of electromagnetic energy, from its lowest to its highest. Never, ever.

Are you saying that cancer is a passive/aggressive disease in the sense of the person’s emotional make-up?

I wouldn’t say passive/aggressive. I would say it’s passive, not aggressive.

How did your research shift into this area of the field?

My academic background is as a neurophysiologist, and I was also a registered physical therapist. I was working in electromyography and electrocardiography, and I was interested in the patterns of electromyographic energy in the body that were related to emotions. Eventually, I established a pattern of emotions connected with neurological energy. In the process, I was the first researcher to have a telemetry, electromyography instrument. This was when the first astronauts went into space. They had to have monitors of their basic health — the heart rate, the blood pressure, and the galvanic skin response — sent from space. They did this using telemetry, which is a radio frequency instrument system. It would send a signal on an FM frequency down to the earth, where NASA would record the FM frequencies and know what was happening to the astronauts.

When I heard about this, I got in touch with NASA and the young scientist who had first made that telemetry instrumentation, and I had him build for me the first telemetry electromyography instrument. This meant I could test a person using an FM frequency, a radio frequency, process the data through my instrumentation and record it. And when I did this I found the electromagnetic energy field.

This was in early 60′s, and I thought, “Oh my God, what have I got here?” So I brought in researchers from the university’s chemistry, physics, and engineering departments. I said, “What have I got, an artifact?” And they kept saying I didn’t, that my equipment was working fine. They tested everything, and finally I realized I was dealing with a new kind of energy in the body.

Now, forty years ago, I didn’t know much about meditating, or Far Eastern literature, or mystical ideas. I just knew I was onto something. So I brought in Rosalyn Bruyere, a very top aura reader, and had her read the energy radiating from the body at the same time I recorded energy from surface electrodes. I also brought in healers and people with polio, or who were paralyzed. I just ran the gamut, because at first I didn’t know what I was doing. But pretty soon I seemed to know exactly what I was doing. I was measuring an energy field that was in the form of light that radiated from the human body. It could be seen by aura readers and could be altered and changed by psychic healers, by hands-on healers, by all kinds of energy techniques. And it was extremely dynamic. It changed, and would frequently go back to where it was. Eventually, I found that I could measure the resting energy signature of a person. With some people I could get the signature in about fifteen minutes, which meant that, no matter what I did with them, they always had this dominant signature. But for others, it would take five or more recordings until I could find their signature – they were so dynamic and so changeable. This, of course, was good. Such people are not stuck with just one way to play the game. They can play it in all kinds of ways. Under new situations, emotional or physical, they can adjust the electromagnetic field so that they can cope, they can handle, and they can desirably work in the electromagnetic milieu of the world.

In other words, their adaptive skills are optimal.

That’s right. They are absolutely optimal, in all areas. I call these kinds of fields ideal. Now, what is an ideal field? Health first and foremost is health of the electromagnetic field. You’re not going to have health if you don’t have health in the electromagnetic field because this is the source. Biochemistry never gives you source. It is legion that some people who go to their doctor find that everything, biochemically, checks out fine. Then they may walk out of the office and die of a heart attack because their fields are not dynamic, and optimally adaptive. The models that we have which say healthy heart rates, blood pressure rates, etc., should conform to a certain standard measurement are stupid. A healthy blood pressure is one that can shoot to the top, and drop to the bottom, and stay somewhere in the middle. It is more often that the people who can’t do that are the ones that die suddenly, not necessarily the ones who have what they call high blood pressure.

Based on what you’re saying, a person’s health index would be directly related to how well he or she adapts to whatever they are experiencing moment to moment.

Well, there are certain parameters. First, for optimal health to exist, the field has to be very broad-spectrum and adaptive. Some of the people we test have electromagnetic energy that is in the middle of the spectrum and is truncated there. They can’t go very high, and they can’t go very low. They seem to dribble through life and struggle . Then there are the people, such as those who practice certain types of meditation, whose frequencies are extremely high, so that if something happens in the world, they don’t respond on the middle or lower branches. They respond on the upper branches. They have a certain kind of peace, yet they often die of hypotension (low blood pressure, cancer) diseases because they don’t have enough vital energy. And then there are some people who are in the lower ranges, which means they don’t have the high frequencies, but they have a heck of a lot of energy. They can do things that the rest of us can’t physically do even if we push ourselves to exercise and build more strength. These are the people who have difficulty with hypertension, skin conditions, anything that is hyper or excessive in terms of imbalances. The ideal field is one that has the low frequencies, the middle frequencies, the higher frequencies, and no major break in between any of them, so that they can play the total range of the piano, as it were.

The next parameter is power. Power is a quantitative measurement. You may have the complete frequency range, but the only place you have power is in certain aspects of that range. That’s where you operate from because that’s where you’ve got power. If you have power in the lower ranges, you will be physically active, and have vital dynamic life. I’m 85 and nobody knows it. I have lower frequencies and this keeps cells and organs working and keeps me looking younger. If you have great frequency in the middle ranges, you can easily handle intellectual issues and can solve problems. If you have power in the upper ranges, you can go into higher states of consciousness, find wisdom, you have levels of thought which are conceptual. But the ideal is to have power within the entire spectrum of frequencies.

Then there is the question of coherency or stability, which has to do with whether the field comes back to a resting state when it’s not being challenged. When the field starts to disintegrate or become anti-coherent, it means that things don’t go together. You will have frequencies out of sync and the energy does not flow. Now in the lower parts of the body there are more of the lower energy frequencies, in the middle body there are more of the middle frequencies, and in the upper body there are more of the upper. But this is not the same as saying that each chakra has a particular energy. It does not. It has to do with the nature of the field, and as soon as the field becomes anti-coherent things don’t flow. And the primary organizer of all of this is human emotion. It is the apex. When we shift human emotion, we can do amazing things with the electromagnetic field.

You’ve developed instrumentation you call an “AuraMeter” to calibrate all of this. What methods existed prior to the AuraMeter, and what are their inherent limitations?

The first method, which has always been around, are people who can see the light aspect of these electromagnetic frequencies, or the human aura, as is depicted in early art work showing the halo around the body and the head of the angels, the Christ, the Buddha, and religious figures. People who access the higher level frequencies can see this. This has been one of the areas that initially validated my electromyography or my aura meter. I used eight aura readers, the best I could find in the world. They worked simultaneously to read one person’s aura from different parts of the lab where they could not hear what anyone else was saying. I recorded their findings at the same time that I recorded the subject’s energy field. I found complete correlation among them with the primary colors of the field’s spectrum — red, yellow and blue — and I found very high correlation with the secondary colors. But I found no correlation with colors like puce, chartreuse, or turquoise because those colors are an interpretation of a blend of colors. If we kept the aura readers observing the area of color frequency and nature of the field, they sometimes saw the flow of the field and they saw blockages within it. Blockages are signs of anti-coherency. The problem here with many aura readers is that they want to interpret what the blockages means, and many of them are very fuzzy thinkers; they do not have scientific minds capable of making an accurate diagnosis.

The second method of evaluation involves bio-frequency machines. There are a bunch of them out there, and they take a quantitative sample of the electromagnetic field. But they are only measuring one aspect of electromagnetic field — the power of the energy. They don’t measure the frequency range itself, or the flow, coherency, and stability of the field.

Then there are the organ system energy devices. These test the energy of organ systems and some functional systems, which measure if an organ has too little or too much energy. But these devices don’t tell us why. They are very good for finding out which organ is sick, but are incapable of telling you what the source of the sickness is, or how your field handles your relationships in the world.

Then there are the Kirlian devices which photograph the subject. Kirlian himself was supposed to have exposed the photographs through his own mind; he didn’t have any film in the camera. What he was doing was recording the energy in his mind and then putting in on the tape. That’s why it took so long for Kirlian photography to develop. I used to work in Kirlian photography using films. I did it for many years trying to see what was going on. But in order to work with it, you have to introduce an energy field to enhance the radiation of the electromagnetic field. This means you are measuring a secondary response, not the primary one. You’re getting something that happened as a result of giving it a shock, by introducing energy. We also found out that there are many things that can change the result, such as the moisture on your fingers or your emotional state. And the measurement comes in the form of a picture so, even though you may get a change in color, for example, you have to interpret what it is. It’s not raw data, in other words. Some of the new Kirlian devices are getting better because they are photographing much more of the electromagnetic field and then assigning numbers to it, but the numbers come secondarily. They are not in the data itself.

These are the major limitations to these types of methods, even though all of them do give some indication of the electromagnetic field. The aura meter does everything that they can do, but it is far more complex. My basic recording has been 200,000 cycles per second, and I now have an instrument that records to 750,000 cycles per second. That’s a heck of a lot of data. And we put it through fractal analysis, which is the only kind that you should ever use on these data. Fractal geometry replaces the old Euclidian geometry which presupposes that the world is made up of triangles, circles, and straight lines, and any piece of information that does not fit into that pattern gets dumped. It gets thrown out. Yet life is not a bunch of straight lines and circles. Anything that is living has dynamic differences and changes, and fractal geometry provides me with a dynamic formula which allows me to look at emotion and change.

My data is handled not by correlations, but by patterns of interrelationships. I look at the pattern in the electromagnetic field using fractal analysis. I look at the patterns of health and biological disturbances. I will soon have software that will enable me to conduct very sophisticated and complex measurements of these patterns. Not the simple things like brainwave patterns, EEG, which only go up to 100 cycles per second, or cardiograms, which only go up 150 cycles per second. The electromagnetic field does not even begin until 400 to 500 cycles per second, which is beyond the range of the nervous system of the human body. I’m talking about atomic and sub-atomic patterns — the transactions between the electromagnetic field as it radiates out from the body and transacts with the electromagnetic field from outside of the body, which is radiating in.

Let me say a little bit about this. If you take a ball and drop it, it will fall because the gravitational pull reacts to its mass. That’s a reaction. Then we have the next higher level, which is called an interaction. If you put oxygen with hydrogen, in ordinary circumstances, it creates water. This is a form of interaction. But, when it comes to field interaction you have what is called a transaction, which means the human being can change his field. There are three types of transactions. In the first type, the person can come in contact with an external field of reaction and not even react to that field. People sometimes refer to this as putting a barrier up. The person doesn’t interact with the external field at all, or he may put up a total barrier so that nothing ever comes into his field, so there is no transaction. Or the opposite can occur — he can be overwhelmed by the external field, which is a one-way transaction. We’re all familiar with the experience of being sapped by another person’s energy, for example. The person who is said to be doing the sapping is, in a way, overpowering the other person, and the other person has to be overpowered. That is the transaction, and I have tested this.

Then there is the third type of transaction, in which both fields change and improve. That’s the ideal situation, and I’ve tested this, as well, putting two people together and watching to see if there was a transaction. Sometimes the energy changed, going from one person into the other; one person changed while the other stayed the same. Sometimes there was total barrier. I had them close enough, yet nothing happened. There was a complete lack of transaction. And sometimes I put people together and their fields blended and became more elaborate, as each became stronger. This is the ideal transaction, and is what should happen in all human situations. There should be a beneficial transaction for both people.

What this means, in terms of healing, is that the healers have to start approximately where their patients’ fields are to get them to transact. They can’t force the energy. This is why some healings are effective, and some are not. It’s because the healers are effective at working on some people, and are not effective with other people. This is one of the areas I’m researching. I’m checking techniques and checking the healee and the healer’s fields simultaneously, to see if, when the transaction takes place, both fields improve.

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