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How to Nurture Yourself – Sandra Ingerman

by Sandra Ingerman: As we look at some of the issues we are facing in the world one enormous issue is the lack of nurturance so many children receive today…


And of course, the issue stems from the fact that parents were not nurtured by their parents, and then the unhealthy behavior keeps getting passed down.

The solution lies in learning how to nurture yourself. So many of us look to outside sources and people for nurturance. Many missed the true experience of being unconditionally loved and nurtured as a brilliant little being of light who deserves to receive the love and give the love that is our destiny. Or some people shut down due to not knowing how to relate to others as they do not know how to relate to themselves.

I feel it is so important to explore ways to nurture yourself as you adapt to the changes impacting us all.

During the time of celebrating the solstice some religious and spiritual traditions talk about the birth of the holy or magical child.

Is it possible, using the principles of shamanism, to perceive yourself as the magical child? Take some time to reflect on this during the solstice.

Explore ways to nurture yourself. If you want to help yourself, all of life, and the Earth this one practice will change the world. For using the principle of unity consciousness if you learn to love yourself, everyone is lifted up by the energy you bring into the web of life.  And without consciously knowing it you have helped to change the world in a good way by bringing into the collective the much needed energy of self-love.

The full moon is December 2. Reflect on the unique energetic signature you are adding to the web of life. Travel within and experience your inner radiance, starlight, sunlight flowing within and then throughout the Earth. Our light extends deep into the Earth as well as to all locations on the planet. And our love and light vibrate throughout the web of life bringing healing as we weave a new tapestry of reality into being.

We commit to our circle and all of life that we will continue to weave a web of light no matter what the outcome is. For the practice of shamanism is not about “winning”. It is learning how to plant seeds through your spiritual work and nurturing the seedlings until they grow into beautiful radiant plants that create change in the right time which might not be the timing our ego desires.

For instructions for our full moon ceremony please read “Creating A Human Web of Light” on the homepage.

We join together on December 21 to celebrate the solstice. Depending on where you live you are flowing into winter or summer. And nature is such a great teacher about how to flow with change. For everything in nature is in constant movement. Storms, seasons, lunar cycles, and growth impact our life on a daily basis. And once we connect with nature’s flow we connect with our own internal flow and walk moving gracefully with the flow of life.

This solstice, spend time in nature and see if you can awaken your own inner flow. Spending time in nature is so healing to you and all of life as you feed the web of life with your dreams, love, and light.

Perform your preparation work. If you are a new reader of the Transmutation News I wrote my suggestions for preparing for ceremonial work. The instructions are posted on the section “The Transmutation News”.

You can drum, rattle, chant, and dance. But most of all be present to the gift that nature brings to us every minute of your waking life.

Feel the sun shining on your face. If the sun is not out and shining brightly imagine the warmth of the sun bringing a glow to your face. Share your gratitude with the living being we call Sun. Reach down and feel the texture of the earth you are standing on. Stand for a while on the earth rocking back and forth or moving as you find your inner flow connecting with earth where you live. Give thanks for all Earth provides for you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bless the wind as it caresses you. Thank Air for bringing you life and being an ongoing companion with each breath in and out. If you can visit a body of water please do so. If not work with water in your home. Radiate your inner light to any water you can be with. You can radiate light focusing on a bowl of water and then feed it to a local body of water or to the earth. Planet Earth is a water planet, and you are a being of water to. Water flows within and without effortlessly always in the flow of movement of returning to Source – the great sea. You would not be alive without water. Please give Water your heartfelt thanks.

As you do this notice how your body connects to the change in season. The change impacts our inner and outer world.

The only stories I have left that you shared are ones that speak to how touched you are from practicing the work shared in the Transmutation News. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I had a thought that for 2018 I would invite you to let me know what issues you would like me to address. I will only address issues pertinent to the teachings I am sharing in the Transmutation News. And I will not have space to share every issue so I will be picking and choosing what I feel I can address in the most powerful way that helps and speaks to our global community. You can use the email, and I will compile a list of issues that I can address over the year.

At the end of each year I feel so moved to honor Sylvia Edwards and the translators who are generous with their time to bring the Transmutation News to non – English speaking readers. All of these translators have their own lives and work to navigate. So to take the time to translate the monthly column to expand our international circle is such a remarkable act.

Please join me in thanking Sylvia Edwards who does so much work to help me get the Transmutation News ready each month, send it to the translators, and then to all of you. Thank you Sylvia for all the love you infuse into each month’s column and helping to share the column with our community. We wish for you great joy and all the best for the coming year.

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